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Sep 02, 2013 - 17 comments

I had the TACE procedure on Thursday It blocked 70% of the blood vessels feeding the tumor.
Let's hope that was enough.
I never experienced anything like it.
I am coming back though.

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by dontworry_behappy1, Sep 02, 2013
Hi Rivil.  Thinking about you and how your doing.  Glad you got that done and sending you good energy for the best outcome.  

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by timothy141, Sep 02, 2013
Good morning Rivil,
  I am very happy to hear the procedure helped, wishing you all good thoughts and prayers.

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by mzkity, Sep 02, 2013
Great news Rival, hang in there!!!!:)

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by Sevetts, Sep 02, 2013
I've never experienced that so can offer no advise i have no idea what the reactions are.  I can only hope and pray right along with you and others that it was enough, and i wish you the absolute best and my strongest prayers.


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by rivll, Sep 02, 2013
Like Hector I have arteriovenous malformation which made the TACE procedure difficult. It means the blood vessels are a tangled mess and only 70 % of the Chemo got through. However the chembeads will be working on the area for the next 3 weeks so if I am lucky, it will do its job. Otherwise I think they may want a repeat performance and I am not ready to think about that.
Hector was right, it *is* an excruciatingly painful experience.
Some folks want to know more about what was going on. I think the anxiety I felt made me less open for awhile. Anyway, as it stands, we *think* the tumor is the only cancer. As long as it does not grow in size (and reach the portal vein) or metastasize, I will be able to go on a transplant list.
U.C. S.F. does live transplants and since I have two family members who  want to be live donors, I need to decide on pushing that through while I have time or just signing up for the cadaver transplant.
I really cannot bear to think of my niece or daughter going through the pain of major surgery.
Anyway, that is where I am at now.
Hope you are all doing well. :-)

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by MrsPincince, Sep 02, 2013

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by Shyrlgame, Sep 02, 2013
Best wishes Rivil, you are so supportive and kind of everyone.  I hope this works for you and will pray for your cancer to be cured.
Shyrl xoxo

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by mikesimon, Sep 02, 2013
You're a tough lady Riv......but I already knew that.

I send you all my best.


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by teko, Sep 03, 2013
Im so glad you gave an update, Im thinking about you and praying! This is good news!

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by specialmom, Sep 03, 2013
Prayers and big hugs!!!!  

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by jimi1822, Sep 03, 2013
sending Prayer and Blessings your way =0) Stay Strong

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by child24angel, Sep 03, 2013
This is wonderful!!!!!!
Lots of hugs Riv

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by Diana66, Sep 03, 2013
Best wishes Rivil, I hope that all the results will come back good

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by Dee1956, Sep 08, 2013
Rivi, I am there with you, I was away for a few days but so glad I came back to hear this news.  
I am praying for you my dear friend

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by Idyllic, Sep 11, 2013
Hang in there Rivil! I am sorry about how painful that must have been. I hope the next few weeks yields positive results. Take care!!

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by heart_in_the_keyes, Sep 12, 2013
That is very interesting Rival.  Hope everything is a okay now and you don't have to go through that pain again,  You and Hector are troopers and inspirations for sure.  Take it easy...and let us know how you are feeling.  Thanks for sharing that email with me the other day.  Your friend / Summer

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by rivll, Sep 12, 2013
Thanks dear friends.
I am feeling better as time passes and the toxins leave my body. I am surprised and proud of how my body works so hard to heal.
Summer, I have come to cherish our conversations. Thank *you*.

Love to you all.

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