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Brief history about Me and Warren's son, Trent (2months early, after NICU needed inguial hernia surgury, then in Feb 08 stopped breathing...and now grabbing his arm and head

May 03, 2009 - 0 comments

I'm a stay at home mom and house wife. My husband is an Oil Rig Manager and works in Malabo, Africa 28on/28 off. Me and Trent (our 2 yr old), "run the farm", 40 acres while he's gone. Trenton is ALL boy, loves his 4-wheeler, feeding his cows, and LOVES playing in water! He does like or need his sleep, he has always taken a lot of naps. He hates to eat "real" food, very stubborn about that. I cook and cook and cook and he won't touch it - most of the time. He drinks a lot: V8 Fusion, Orange Juices, Apple, Tea, Milk - still wants that but not as much to sleep. But all day he is drinking something. And I get a Starbucks when we go to town...I know. He is more of a snacker (Fiber One bars-help him poop=has been constipated since birth), cereal, gold fish, fruits, french fries, corn is about the only veg he'll touch right now. Dr's say he'll eat when he's ready. Brief History on Trent: Born at 30 wks gestation (7 months), 4 lbs, 16 inches. We spent a while in the NICU. Took him home and all of a sudden, he had a inguinal hernia. We found a Pediatric Surg in Baton Rouge, La (no one would touch it in Lake Charles, La-where we lived during that time), he was confident, Trent was only 5 lbs at 2 months (My Darling!) So we finally get him home.( I started feeling the postpartum coming on in the NICU. I couldn't bring myself to talk to anyone, not even my family..I wanted to be isolated. I still haven't got to really bond with him yet though at this point), anyway, he was home, and I need quiet/calmness/peace in my life and so did he, and still does. He gets rowdy and  hilarious! but he gets nervous like me when there is too much going on. Took me over a year to get rid of postpartum, would wish it on my worst enemy. I didn't want to leave the house. So he was fine after the hernia surg and we started Synagist shot, his health seemed to be fine, typical colds/coughs, not much though. Then, in Feb 08 we were visiting my mom and dad in Baton Rouge. He got sick, respiratory infection I believe they told me. (just took him to a walk in clinic real quick, didn't seem like much), I mean as soon as we got home, he was really struggling to breathe, mom ran to the next door neighbors, who thank God is a Pediatrician to come see, Sam said let me hold him, she held him and reached for the phone to call 911!! He struggled in the ER for a long time, and finally he started breathing better, and admitted us. He would get bad, then all of a sudden get a little better. This went on for a couple of weeks. The Dr. diag it as Croup. After that, he would get the occasional cold/cough/vomit/diarrhea, and I'm talking not very much of the vomiting or diarrhea "Thank you Jesus!" Now, just yesterday we where getting him something out of the refrigerator and I thought I saw him reach to his left arm up by the shoulder/heart area, but it was out of the corner of my eye, I tried asking him, and would get no response. He had been running fever about a week ago for a couple days, runny nose/reach to his head. This is where I started really questioning what is going on? He won't complain too much and I would sit with him all week long asking if his throat hurt or if his head hurt, or was it just his ear? Child, he wouldn't even respond to me hardly, and he don't eat that much, so, to me, being the common sense thinker I am, he has allergies, sinus headache, because he has touched head, ear, and sometimes throat. But yesterday I really noticed him touching his head a lot more and saw him holding the back of his neck while we were driving. He finally started pointing to both ears, saying "ear, ear", "head", put his hand to his throat. He hasn't had a fever any more either. We got home, he started playing with all his balls, putting them in his basket, and there he went grabbing or I say touching that left arm again, up by the shoulder/heart area, I saw him do it this time, If he has done it in the past I haven't noticed and seems like I would have. The headaches? If that's what it is, is getting more noticeable and now this arm touch. He don't say a thing about it. You know last night, I don't know if it was that we had just said our prayers. He sat up in bed and pointed to the ceiling, I was like, "do you see Jesus, and do you see Jesus's angel all around like mommy asked him to place around us?", I'm not sure, what he was doing, but he kept pointing, and I don't know if I subconsciously point to heaven, when we talk about that or if he was seeing something lights, allusions? Sometimes, when I ask him questions I get a response and a lot of times I don't. So it makes me wonder now...he does sweat a lot, after he has fallen asleep, just at first. I mean he is wet and all he has on him is a sheet and a quilt.                        He is the happiest baby! The most kind, calm, well mannered child I've ever seen.....he knows how to work his momma....and he gets away with it most of the time. I barely ever have to get on to him. Really! We laugh and enjoy each, so much! I'm rambling.       He is going to the Dr. first thing in the morning though....I am adding autoimmune disease below, because my momma has fibromyalgia. Also, Trent's cousin has CF, he is 5 yrs old and down to I believe less than 20 % on his R lung, staying in Texas Children's Hospital often, has a feeding tube, etc. We've already been tested for that though.

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