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Rolling over

Apr 11, 2008 - 1 comments

rolling over









Baby David rolled over for the first time successfully on teusday!! now he won't stop and he can't get from his tummy to his back.  It's so funny because I put him on his back and he automatically rolls over then gets sick of his tummy but won't roll back over!  poor thing has had a crazy week!  The ped. put him on solids and he HATES his rice cereal, he had his 4mo shots on monday and was circumsized on wednesday.  It's so cool watching him grow and change, his new thing is buzzing his lips together bbbbbbbbbbbbb.  What a cutie!

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by heather27a, Apr 11, 2008
he is so cute my son is 2 months and 1 week and he holds his head up really good and he is cooing and giggling it is wanderful he also rolled over a couple of times i also have a 4 yr old daughter and she is a handful enjoy it while there a baby they grow up so fast but she also says the cutist things and she likes to clean she's mommy's little helper but your sone is adorable i just wanted to say that.

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