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The Big Surprise!!!

Sep 05, 2013 - 1 comments












Within my previous entry came all about how me and my partner had finally made the big decision to try to make our family complete with our own little bundle of joy.. Here's how things have gone!

Me and my partner Adam had made an appointment with our local doctor to see what would be needed to be done in order to help us to conceive the child that we had always wanted, we were prepared for the long journey ahead that we knew in the end would be rewarding and we were excited from the very beginning!!

The day of our appointment came around quickly and on the morning of the day of something new I had awoken to find my partner had not slept a single wink from pure excitement (cute huh?). We quickly got to our appointment in time for me to have my blood test to look at all my hormone levels and everything else the doctor needed to have information wise before seeing her face to face to receive answers, ask questions and to set everything we needed and wanted plan wise in motion.

The doctor confirmed that I would need the help of a specialist clinic and that the downheartning side would be that we would have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for Adam to have his tests done before anything could be placed in action for the both of us. Though the time period may seem short to some to others that are so desperate for a child, I believe they would know how I felt at that news, and to my surprise my partner felt the same disheartening feeling I did at such a long time to wait.

Though we were still downhearted my partner couldn't help himself when he spotted a tiny baby bath towel that he seemed to really like, and his grin all but made my heart rise once more knowing that we were in this together.

Here's the good part to this journal!!!

It had been just one day since our appointment when I was stood washing the dishes to feel an overwhelming urge to be sick.. With feeling tired all through the day, sore nipples and a few other symptoms combined that I had pushed to the side for the lack of belief that I could ever fall pregnant without a period I pushed all thoughts out of my head and decided that I would take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. What was merely seconds before a result returned to me simply left me shocked at the fact 2 beautiful clear lines had appeared leaving me with a positive pregnancy test!!

I rushed to my partner but both agreed that it could be just a one off result and that to be sure we would take another pregnancy test using a completely different brand.. Low and behold.. The same beautiful result appeared leaving me and my partner simply bursting with excitement!!!

For once.. Luck is on my side.. And I hope it continues as we book our appointment to confirm that we are carrying the child we always wanted..

May luck be with you all.. And I can't wait to continue my story as my life.. My partners life.. And the possibility of the life of our unborn child <3

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by Mrs_Ivey_1988, Sep 17, 2013
Congrats!! Its comforting to hear since i have pcos and ttc. its been emotional and still hoping and waiting for that day.

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