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Great weekend:)

May 03, 2009 - 0 comments

So Friday late afternoon went to go watch Wolverine with my Hubby and son,it was a good movie. towards the near end of the movie I started to feel a liltte anxiety coming on ,but was able to switch that away with watching the movie.
Saturday was a GREAT day we went to a church picnic was nice. So my hubby,son and I decided to go hiking on a trail they had there,let me tell you it was tough I stopped alot to do some breathing excercises not only from the climb LOL, but from letting my mind not wonder to that What If !!! So When I finally reached the top with my family I gave them a HUGE hug because they were so supportive and kept on saying I can do this and I did :) It was A lovely view and I just embraced it and was relaxed and so proud of myself that I conquered the anxiety that day.
Sunday another Great family filled day. We went to Church was a blessing as always to worship and praise our Lord Jesus!!!:)
After that we went to a museum and it was really wonderful looking and learning about different artifacts ( hope I spelled that right LOL!!!)
Enjoyed the history stories of the different cultures. They also had a youth madirachi going on there in the courtyard it was lovley.
Hope all you are having your good days to.
God Bless

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