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Wanting to turn 40 not 80!

May 04, 2009 - 0 comments



mystery illness


gait disorder


abdominal pain



Well, I didnt crawl under a rock this time! So many times over the last 26 yrs of being undiagnosed after a Dr tells me they have no idea and dont give me a direction I just retreat. It has been so hard to deal with the pain of another doctor throwing up thier arms and giving up. (Usually in 1 visit!)

BUT! I am not doing that this time! I went back to my Primary Care within two days of the news and demanded that we keep going! I really would like to turn 40 in 14 months not turn 80! (At least that is about the age my body feels like at times)

My doctor is going to run some test on the odd symtoms individually like the fact that I get so nausea, bowel problems and abdomen pain. PLUS he told me to call the other doctor and ask WHY she wont continue to take this case and if she wont if she would please point me in a direction she feels is best.

So once again I am on pins and needles (which I guess is ok since I have pins and needles all the time) waiting for the return phone call.

If you are undiagnosed and wish to converse I would love to chat with you!


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