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Crazy Ole Me

May 04, 2009 - 2 comments

I posted this in the Neurology Forum where they get many hits and few answers. Thanks, lLADVOCATE, for answering me there. I just wanted a copy for my records.

All my life I have been struggling with odd problems that have practically ruined my life; can't type, can't use any but the most basic cash registers, a ridiculous problem parallel parking, I learned to read before kindergarten but I am a very slow reader as the letters are hard to focus on - I put my finger on the page to keep the sentence together at times. I can not figure out optical illusion puzzles no matter how long I study them. The main problem is this - I lose my bearings. On the road, in a building, if I leave my room at the clinic I can never find my way back and it's so embarassing. I am terrified to give children rides home because I know I'll get confused though I've been to their house before. Spelling is difficult and math - I aced Algebra but to this day can not understand fractions or memorize times tables. The thing is I score very highly on intelligence tests overall and most people think I'm very smart until they see me doing one of my idiotic things. What the hell is wrong with me? Anyone have a clue?

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by ILADVOCATE, May 08, 2009
And I think you may have learned something about yourself but let a psychiatrist diagnose and treat it.

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by bernie40, May 10, 2009
Hi Leta

Not sure what it all means but I can share some of it with you.  Optical illusion puzzles are a jumble to me also but this is because my eyes do not focus together (short sighted in one and long sighted in the other).  My abilities in maths, English etc seem to vary, one day I'm good and the next day a 5 year old knows more than I do.  As for losing my bearings, I don't get it as bad as you describe but I have to plan and plan and plan when I'm going to new places.  At night I lose my bearings completely and hate driving, I can't even find my way round my own house!  My IQ is considered higher than average yet I can come across as a complete dim wit!  It's all very strange and at times I get real frustrated with it.  Possibly another reason why I hate new places, new people, new situations - at least in familiar surrounds with familiar people they know that I'm not as dumb as I can often look.

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