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CAR ACCIDENT:  25 April 2009

May 04, 2009 - 2 comments

We were rear ended on the way home; we were sitting waiting to turn into our sub divisoin when we were hit by a car in the rear estimated to be going about 45 miles per hour.  IT totaled her car and our van; she had two small babies in car seats, what she was doing is really unkown.  We had been sitting there for about 30 -45 seconds waiting for cars to go by so that we could turn as I mentioned.  

She stated that she tried to stop but could not, Eye witnesses stated that she did not stop untill she hit us and sent us rolling.  I know all about what whip lash is all about.  IT flattened the van seats to the passenger seat in the back.
I thought what just happened, I could feel going forward and then SNAP the body was going backwards.

I chipped a spur of one of the vertebre of my neck, I feel like my left shoulder is dis located along with my back.
CT SCAN was the first thing once we got to the ER.  

I was imbolized; collared flat boarded and the whole thing.  A firemen held my head still as my wife told them about the chiari malformation.  I do not think they really realized what it meant, but they did ensure that at ER a qauick zillion questions and into the CT room.Then it was chest x-rays and shoulder x rays.  The xray tech told me after the first x-ray that I had money in the back of my shirt,  I said no way - she told me way it is on the x-ray.  She finished
cutting off what was left of my shirt and found a quarter.  She then rolled me over to the shoulder for the next x ray and she comes out after the first picture and says that you have more money in your shirt.  She moved me around and found a penny.  My wife and I do not smoke so we keep change in the ash tray; how did the changed make it out of the ash tray and into the back of my shirt.  I was still on the board for the most part and did not feel the money pressed on my outside of the back and left shoulder area.  IT was all numb and I was in pain.  Is that crazy or what.

I also have cracked a couple teeth on the left upper side of my mouth I am still waiting to see the dentist on the 29th unless someone cancels.before.

My wife and daughter has whip lash and my wife has a bad bruise on her right shoulder.

The left side of my head hurts almost al the time, the family doc said we will watch things, I am starting to slur some of my words tonight when talking.  I will call the doc tomorrow and see what he hs to say.  IT is in the forming of the thought process and getting it out.  WE will see what it is like tomorrow.

The lady and her two babies are all okay; I was released tha night aobut 8:30 and the last one cleared to leave.  The shots for the pain took the edge offf.  I also went home with two others and spent most of last week sleeping.

The only good thing abou the whole thing is that the babies, mom and my wife and daughter are in fairly good shape and I will come along slowly.  It is like a different part of my body hurts on a giving day.  Other than my haed left side and left side of neck hurts all the time.  Some times worse than others.

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by nyc2caligal, May 05, 2009

Did you hit your head at all? The slurred speach sound Neuro related.  I have over 20plus years in the health care industry and know a thing or 2

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by Roy902, May 05, 2009
I think that perhaps I might have,  at the family doc visit I told him that I was having problems drawing things up from the "old
Memory banks".  He said that is something that we will have to monitor and if things do not improve let me know in a week or two at the most.  

I honestly just remember the impact / moving forward so to speak and then the whip last part of things.   Things went black and I heard my wife saying what happened?  I told her that I think that we just got hit and lay motionless.  With my trianing after 24 years in the Army "I knew to do not move" As I said I ended laying down as the seat just collapsed back and was resting on the passenger seat behind the drivers seat.  My left shoulder
hurts still, it hurts to touch the side of my face / head on the left side.  He gave me a script for motrin 800 miligrams.
When the firemen got there I told him a very brief medicl history and he held my head so that it would not move till they got the collar on and the backboard stuff and then it was on the way to the hospital.  

I also have chiari one and at last check about 3 months ago it is herinated about 1 cm with no signs of a syrnx forming at that time.  I sent all the documentation from the last 4 years to Dr. Oro and he said that he would not do anything different.
I did not think that the doc's at the Nebraska Medical Center were doing everything that they could do for me at the time.

I called and tried to talk to my nuerologist at the Med center and he is out of town for two weeks and should be back next week.  His nurse was going to get  note according to the receptionist - they have been great at the front desk up to this point and are very busy people.  

I had rotor culp surgery on that shoulder twice (2) about 11 years ago.  I have also had a double fusion surgery and have two (2) rods, (6) screws and two cages.  S-1, L-4, -L-5 a little over two years; the back surgeon Dr. Kenneth Fuller said that I was a poster child for back surgery.  I can walk with no aids at this time, some times it is not the best, my balance is alot worse and I just walk with wider steps to compensate for the loss of balance.    

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