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I found this I dont know who he is or how to get a hold of him hope this helps!

May 05, 2009 - 5 comments

How I cured my fecal bad breath odor, you can too

I think this is what I have  do you know what probiotics are?

Background – Fecal BB, started in highschool. Now, 22 in last yr of College. Been suffering for about 7 yrs. Took a lot of antibiotics during preteen and teen yrs . I believe this is what impaired my immune and digestive system. Was treated for Hpylori and Acid Reflux in late teens but didn’t help with Fecal BB.

Feel your pain – I have experienced the same things you are. My Fecal BB could fill up a room. The who farted comments, the it smells like ****, people opening windows, covering noses etc. I however never had Nasal BB or Body odor, it was only Fecal BB when I talked. I have pretty much spent the last years of my life not talking to people other than family. School has been very tough but I’m proud of myself for hanging in there.

Nothing helped- I have tried it all- Threelac, Therabreath, Tri oral, Cholorphyll, etc You name it – I have tried it. My room is like a mini pharmacy. I have been treated for acid reflux, hpylori, and nothing helped.

Other symptoms – Constant bloating and cramps, IBS – constipation, Heartburn, bad skin, heart burn, white tongue etc. Chronic infections – Would always get a sore throat and painful ear ache whenever I binged on sugary/junk foods.

Breakthrough - I decided a few months ago that I would try EXTREMELY hard to cure this problem for once and for all, and do whatever it takes. I spent hours each day doing research. Learning as much as possible, reading all the success stories. A major breakthrough was realizing that even though it was chronic, it was much worse at certain times than others. Which got me thinking hard and realizing that the times it was worse was when I had eaten Red Meat, Dairy, Eggs or Beans. This was a major Breakthrough and eliminating these foods have been key, as well as doing other things. Towards the beginning of my diet, I also eliminated Fish and Chicken but I have added them back recently and still no Fecal BB.

Candida? - I was starting to doubt that Candida was a real problem because nothing I took for it worked and the diet seemed impossible. Then I remembered reading that someone cured their odor by taking a really large dosage of probiotics. They experienced die off symptoms and their odor went away. This person had fecal BO, not BB. But I decided to try it too, I took triple the dosage of a good probiotic and boy oh boy did I experience die off symtoms. It felt like a really bad hangover, Bad headache/dizziness but it went away after a few days and I have had such a different/cleaner taste in my mouth since then. I am now a believer in Candida/yeast overgrowth.

Steps to Take –

1) STOP Right away Right now – ALL Dairy, Red Meat, Egg and Beans (As well as any high sulfur/ smelly foods)

2) If Candida/yeast is a problem – Stop All sugars, junk and Alcohol.

3) Probiotics – Find a good probiotic, and take double or triple the dosage. Use what you feel is effective for you. Our digestive systems are in much worse conditions than others so our bodies require more. Remember the BB is a symptom.

4) Constipation – Work towards becoming more regular. You want to have at least 1 bowel movement a day. Taking blended flaxseed with some fruit and drinking lots of water has helped in keeping me regular. Plus it is important to regularly flush out all the toxins in your body.

5) Supplements – Take Calcium/Magnesium, Zinc, B Complex, Niacin, Double dosage of Vitamin C, and Biotin is said to help with Candida.

6) Digestive Enzymes – are a must. We need help with digesting foods so it’s a good idea to take this with every meal.

7) Antifungal – If Candida/yeast is a problem take a form of antifungal in either Grape Seed Extract, Garlic, Pau d’ Arco etc. I personally drink the Pau d’Arco tea.

Now I’m Fecal BB Free, I’m able to talk to people, make new friends, going out. The people who used to cover their noses now get in my face with zero reactions. It’s SURREAL.

Conclusion – My conclusion is our digestive system is significantly impaired and is the main cause of the Fecal BB. While I do not know exactly how or why it causes this problem in some people, I do believe that resolving the problems by putting back Good bacteria, killing yeast overgrowth, using digestive enzymes and regularizing bowel moments will help cure this problem.

I didn’t want to believe Candida was a real problem either but I now do. But I noticed I ALWAYS suffered from sore throats and ear infections within 24 hour of binging on junk foods. The constant bloating and cramping has now 100% stopped. I even binged on some junk foods a few days ago and I experienced zero discomfort. Please let me know if you have any questions. There is hope out there for every single one of us. Keep believing and know that God is ALWAYS faithful. I cry and hurt sometimes thinking about all the lost years, never going to prom, etc but I’m just VERY grateful to have my life back and to start LIVING life.

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by Tomee, Feb 15, 2010
I love your post. It is encouraging, and you sound so strong. My problem is not so much dealing with the breath, but rather the BLOATING, MEMORY LOSS, BRAIN FOG, VISION PROBLEMS , some TWITCHING, DIZZINESS, EXTREME ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS, OBSSESIVE THOUGHTS, TINGLING IN FACE AND HEAD, Hard to fall ASLEEP and WAKING CONSTANTLY, and the newest addition (and VERY annoying) is the RASH I have on my legs and arms.

It is itchy and looks awful from the scratching which seems almost impossible to stop. I have been seeing a doctor who tried a couple creams and some pills, and most recently he put me on prednisone. I am getting relief from the Prednisone (for the rash) the Lexapro and buspirone (for anxiety), the Trazodone (for sleep), and I am not opposed to medicine, but I would rather find another more natural method to help me if possible. And although I love my doctor, I am less inclined to treat the symptom, and would rather treat the cause. So here I am day after day, researching and trying to learn. I was thrilled when I came across yeast overgrowth, because so many of the symptoms apply and many years ago, I had thought I had this problem, but never really agressively took charge of it. I lost weight and watched my foods and symptoms seemed much less. However years passed with occasional minor flare ups and one larger one that began with bloating badly and acid reflux, and after many tests eliminating gal bladder, liver and stomach problems, I was told it was "probably IBS". (I now think it was related to yeast overgrowth.)  But eventually in the last 4 months symptoms errupted all at once it seemed. I believe the factors playing into the change were due to;

-----STRESS--- , it was long( 2 years), continual and very hard. ---HORMONAL--- change, and menopause. Sudden ---WEIGHT GAIN--- of 25 lbs. in two months, ---DIETARY-- changes INCLUDING ALLOT of SUGAR, BREADS AND CITRUS JUICES, and --ABUSE.. I am not sure if one or all of these things caused this imbalance in me, and I am guessing it was probably accumulative, but the stress seemed the thing to kick me over the cliff, so to speak, and caused my body to feel a scary out of control sickness. The way I described it to my doctor was that I just felt "toxic" inside.

I am taking all I learned and decided to do a DETOX, and  follow the metal detox with a GOOD MINERAL SUPPLEMENT to replentish the needed minerals. I will discontinue SUGARS, BREADS, AND CITRUS JUICES. I will take PAU D' ARCO capsules, and  use PROBIOTICS.  I am also adding OREGANO OIL to my daily routine. I am learning more about GARLIC and the different forms and benefits and increasing this as well. I am anxious to get started. I believe I will see the differences many of you have, and that is exciting!! I am sure I will learn more as I read on and I appreciate all the input from all of YOU out there who have been there and done it. And like the post I just read, I too want to acknowledge, giving thanks to GOD who IS truly faithful! I too lost years, but God taught me valuable lessons! Hang in there all of you looking for help.

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by mytoto24, Feb 17, 2010
Well I just know that no matter what don't loose faith keep praying to god that he heels you, and he will if you really believe..All these postes I've maid are from other people...I found them on different websites And I've tried them but non has worked for but as well as the Fluconazol 150.. hopefully this gets rid of it completely

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by hockeyrules3434, Mar 25, 2010
how long did it take for this to work?

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by clara0, Nov 29, 2010
As I know meat, beans and eggs are allowed in candida diet, but sweet fruit are not,
I am trying to follow you diet but I feel confused about it, did you eat fruit? did you follow a standard candida diet or your own?

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by Alkinisgybytoo234, Mar 05, 2015
Here is another diet to cure candida

Its probably candida stop sugar foods and drinks anything with sugar some chips and veggies and most fruits have it so avoid these and all red meats, grains pasta bread and all dairy milk cheese

And try eating chicken in soup grilled boiled baked  and raw veggies like celery cucumber Peace steamed or any veggies with no sugar  cooked with a little butter

And drink lots of water to flush all that bacteria out you body and before you do any of this  

Morning on empty stomach
Blend 10 centimeters of Aloe plant  and 1  whole lemon and 1 tea spoon honey with 16 oz water in a blender drain drink juice and drink lots of water then after a month reduce to  half lemon instead  of a whole one and repeat same step until you feel that bad taste is gone

Also take Probiotics I get them from renew life I get the 50 billion hope this works for you

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