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Trapped and Violated :-(

Sep 10, 2013 - 4 comments

"We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it." -Tennessee Williams

My aunt left today and called someone to stay with me. Another one of the men that my aunt makes me pay to stay with me when she leaves came by the house. I was in the kitchen, cooking myself breakfast, so I asked the man already staying with me to tell him that my aunt wasn't here because she got mad at me for letting him in to wait for her the last time he came to our house a couple of weeks ago. [I wasn't alone. Our family friend was staying with me. And I wan't near him, I was cleaning that day.]

He came in the house anyway, told me to get him some water, and sat down to watch TV. After that, he made a sexual comment about me to the man already staying with me. (I was in the kitchen when he said it, but after he left, the man that was already staying with me told me what was said.) It's not the first time he's done it. I told my aunt what he said the first time, said that I did not want to be in here with him, and she laughed and said that it was cute. (She also made a comment about me and my cousin being raped in the house a couple of months ago.) I don't know what to do because, she's leaving Saturday, and taking the family friend that usually stays when she goes away on the weekends. I don't know of anyone else that will stay with me, and I can't be alone. The only person that might be available is the man that said those nasty things. I just want to cry right now.

She also called someone and pretended to be me before she left today. That made me sad also.

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by ROSYouralright, Sep 10, 2013
What is going on there sweetie?? It all sounds so twisted.... Y can't u be alone hon? Why is your aunt pretending to be you?

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by neikainaka, Sep 10, 2013
It's crazy. I can't be alone because I have monophobia (fear of being alone), it can be caused by agoraphobia, which I have also. That's why I need people to stay with me when my family leaves. I'm not really sure why she pretended to be me because I could have made the phone call myself. It It was about getting me to some hospital.

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by Nighthawk61, Sep 24, 2013
I find it odd that you are only mentioning men who are payed to stay with you. That doesn't sound right, and certainly not men that have a potty mouth....

I think you need to put an ad in to see if there is a local person on disability that could use some company, some one who does not go out often, perhaps someone older. . I know that there are many retired disabled persons that require live in help. I'm sure that even with your agoraphobia, you could do that job. You would have your room and board paid, and for work around the house, you may even get paid something on top of that. You could put away the money that you do get, that you're giving to your aunt, and paying for company so you'll not be alone.

I want you to keep an open mind, and not rush to judgement.  We can figure out the details, like who you would talk tto about finding room and board with a disalbed person, maybe at the local manpower office, or disabililty office.  You are an educated person, and you could far more easilty adjust to a non family member, who is not a wolf in sheeps clothing. You could also get a hold of the churches near you, with a letter, that i' could help you with, and maybe they would help to introduce you to a widow or widower, who is need of constant companionship. Where there's a will, there's a way my friend. Your life is NOT HOPELESS and something CAN be done about your situation. Okay? Think abuot this, alot.

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by neikainaka, Oct 08, 2013
Thank you Rosy and Nighthawk. I have female friends, and they would come to stay with me. They have stayed before, and then out of the blue, my aunt will say that they can't come, anymore. So, when I tell them what she said, they will come on days that I can breathe outside, and we we will see each other out there. I was doing that for a couple of months, and then when my aunt found out that I was meting my best friend outside, she said that she could come in the house. It's not like she doesn't know my friends. I became friends with both of these girls my freshman year of college; six years ago. One of my friends and her boyfriend (who has also been here before) came to surprise me a couple of weeks ago, and I got in trouble when they left. She was mean to me and said that she didn't want them in her house, and called them low-lifes (not the first time). And told them that if they wanted to see me, I would have to meet them on a street five blocks away from my home. It is too far for me to get there by myself.

I have a cousin (in her 50's) who lives about 8 blocks from us. I used to go to her house some days when people weren't home. I can't take my dog to her apartment, so he stays home. But my aunt would get weird about that and would come looking for me when she thought it was time for me to come home. There is a girl (woman) around my age that lives a couple of doors down. But my aunt says mean things about her because she has two young children, and doesn't want me talking to her because she thinks that the young woman laughs at her and my cousin. I've spoken to her in passing many times, and she's only been nice to me. I'm not allowed to make friends with people my age around my neighborhood. If it's not one reason, it's another (people she doesn't like, they won't be friends with me because of my race, etc). If I had friends around here or had another place to go where I felt safe, I wouldn't care if they left me. But, it's hard to explain to people that their not allowed in or around the house, because she does not like them or because I'm not allowed. (I'm 26 years old. It's strange.) It is also hard to explain because she's nice to everyone outside, and they don't know what she really thinks about them.

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