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Talk about making lemonaide out of lemons!

Sep 10, 2013 - 5 comments

Breast Cancer



Joni Eareckson Tada is an awesome woman! What an inspiration she is to all who battle with health issues...or just anybody for that matter. Joni is a quadriplegic who has been battling breast cancer. Her attitude towards her health and her approach to life in general is extremely refreshing. If you have 7 minutes...check out this small video clip. And the painting attached to this entry....she did it by holding the brush in her MOUTH! Awesome woman!

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6050497 tn?1378857828
by annibelle48, Oct 06, 2013
Thanks for the update on Joni!!!! I haven't heard how she's doing and also know she's an incredible woman...thanks for reminding me:)

6050497 tn?1378857828
by annibelle48, Oct 06, 2013
I just watched the video....Joni said:  "I just make my emotions obey me. I will not be led by them. I'm not going to let them rule my life." Wow! Did I need to hear that!! Thanks again for sharing (I know it's been a while but I'm trying to catch up:)

4113881 tn?1415850276
by ActingBrandNew, Oct 07, 2013
That part stood out to me too! Awesome woman!

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by YodaGirl04, Feb 04, 2020
Wow is an understatement to this remarkable person!!  She's an angel.

18524847 tn?1465595901
by mombojombo, Feb 08, 2020
Yes, so agree. Angel!!!

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