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New Drs. Appt. today!!!!

May 06, 2009 - 0 comments

Today I will go to see a new Doctor.  Hopefully, I can get some conclusive help from her.  This will be a female doctor and maybe she will be the one to "Listen" to me.  Yesterday was the worst day that I had ever had.  I had NO energy.  I felt like my body had just quit on me and it was yelling at me to just stop!!!

This doctor today has just got to give me some help or I will surely not be here.  I cannot go on gaining weight.  My knees are hurting me so terribly.  I have gained so much weight this year.  It is so embarrassing because I know that people think all that I do is eat. I do not hardly eat much of anything.  I have one main meal a day.  Small breakfast and a small lunch (if any).  Hardly any snacks at all in between. Usually none before bedtime. the day!!!  I CLAIM IT!

Look out Doctor Amy Johnson .... Here I come!!!

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