September 12, 2013 Journals

September 12, 2013

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The beginning of the day was not so good.  I only had 1hr of sleep.  My body was stiff and throbbing at certain areas starting from my neck and straight down my back.  Some areas it wasn't only throbbing but it also burning and a lot of pressure.  Once we got to the middle of my back the burning softened up a bit but the pressure was still there.  Then it started all over again heading down my thigh and hip area.  The burning, stabbing, pressure, throbbing, and swelling of my feet was close to being unbearable by the middle of the day.  I was on my feet through the day and evening trying to get my mother-in-law's apartment cleaned out.  After I finally thought a was gonna be able to sit back and relax after the kids got home from school, guess who showed up?  My in-laws.  My husband's father and stepmother made a surprise visit. Then my anxiety started going crazy.  My husband and daughter kept checking on me every so often to make sure I was comfortable.  I just wish the throbbing and swelling would stop!  I'm getting to the point I'm afraid of what's gonna happen next.  How much more do I have to go through before I can just feel comfortable??  Well goodnight.  Talk more tomorrow night!!

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