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sike oh

Sep 13, 2013 - 0 comments

i think i am going to be resigned to being a loser for the rest of my life.  ok, not a loser.  that's too strong.  how about a not-winner?

naw, man i don't really feel that way, just feeling a little sorry for myself.  not much though.  i know i have a lot. a lot of a lot of things  OOOOOH law!

ooh law ooh law!

today the morning was pretty tough as usual.  i knew my boss was going to be at work cuz she had warned us.  i got there about fifteen early  no one was there.  usually the Asian kids are all early, and i was opening the front and back doors like 'yoo hoo!  where are you!'  but nobody was there.  the 830 came and went with my boss not showing, nor anyone else,   so i walked around in all the classrooms and wrote "Is there school today?" on the white boards in big letters.

then Lou another teacher walked in and i went to the restroom.  after i got back my boss was there.  oops!  my room was all trashed up with my laptop, which is broke so it needs to always be plugged in and the cord was draped over the desk and trailed across the room, my cell fone and cord were lying right out in the open, and my coffee commuter mug was on the table along with a water bottle, which is ok but she doesn't allow coffee in the classroom.  i can't teach without coffee so oh freakin well ... but if i had thought she was going to show i would have hidden it

she did not come into my classroom but its really open so she could prolly see.  its aite tho.  i surreptitiously walked around and erased all the 'is there school' questions   oopsie daisy

well she was railing.  La Chula was late ... she had called me on the 1970s fone my boss brought in and was like "is this Nancy?"  (the director)  i was like "Are you joking with me, chula?" and she was like 'Oh.  no .... i didn't realize it was you' in this little tiny morning voice.  she said 'im going to be late'  then like, the three of us were there and the students had to wait for us in their classrooms.;   my boss started going on about all the usual bs she is po'd about ... i just shut up bc i know she is unhappy with me.  for all of these political reasons.  and since that time she was so rude to me last month i don't care what she has to say.  i mean, i try to be nice but that's it i don't help her anymore or act all happy and subservient.

so she was chewing out Lou and then La C tried to intervene.  she likes La C the best at this point, i used to be her fave, she will come to resent La C too bc my boss is bitter and crazy.  after she shot down La C i finally spoke up, very eloquently describing and explaining why it was hard to carry out her plans, especially without her ever being there to answer our questions (I did not say that, i just said we had to make a lot of decisions on our own).  

after i was speaking for a couple minutes, or less, she cut in and rudely stopped me, shaking her head and like 'NO Meegan NO we do not do things that way, tsk tsk"  and she was an A-1 super azzhole beeeitoch to me and La Chula and Lou both just about strangled her and threw up at the same time.  but she could not be stopped.

i just said 'well im sorry, then" or something and stopped talking, and then whenever she turned to me and asked me something i just said 'yes' and agreed and did not smile and did not volunteer anything or seem enthused about anything she said.  i am so done with that sorry beetch.

so yeah.  super day!

and i just sukked it up, like i rilly am so done with that place, and if i get fired i do.  i mean, i do my best and i do SO much extra work for her free, administrative assistant work that Chula and Lou and the students and her other teachers in Ktown ALL recognize (yes) except her!  and i will continue to do it for FREE alls i want is for her to treat me with respect and be civil.  dumb beetch  w/e

i cant wait til she fires me.

yes i need this job, but it pays so little, and the hours are so few usually, i can get another one i hope.  and it doesn't really matter what i do. she's going to fire me if she wants.  i am doing my best and MORE and she fired the last two teachers who were EXCELLENT and worked for her for years

she's just sike oh

ooh ee!

both Chula and Lou came up to me at diffy parts of the day and hugged me.  like, dogs!  i am OK!  jeez.  the divorce is worse, belee meee

so yite that s the dilly

Problem has a new song its pretty dope

after work La Chula wanted me to meet her at Starbux.  my boss had left and nine ish a.m. and made an encore appearance at 330, i did not get off work til 4 after she yammered at me some more and tried to make me more miserable, impossible, and i just let it slide over me.  w/e beetch talk

at Star La Chula implored me to demand a raise and tell the boss how i want to be treated!  she said you can assert yourself ... blah blah.  i love Chula you know that but Chula was talking about herself.  and i told Chu, like baby i dont' need this lady to approve of me.  i don't give a fook what she thinks of me.  like that and chula was disappointed like "Meegy!'  then she understood but still i felt she was let down.  she wants me to do stuff she wont do.  like dog please

Chula bought me a giant choco chip cookie and a big iced coffee from sTar wich i hope does not keep me up.  we talked mostly about work but other stuff too.  i did not get on the freeway til six.

earlier Chula was tutoring B and they decided to try and cheer me up.  i was in my classroom with Hoshiro tutoring.  Chula had B practice a script about my boss and how she was being investigated for fraud by the police and B called me on the little phone and pretended to be the investigator asking me if i could answer a few questions.  i freaked out and ran to Chula's room, she had locked the door!   she thought someone might come in and hear them, like the boss ... just in case.

well, finally Chula came out and saw me sitting on the couch in the lobby like, "I am so freaked out, there is this weird call that came in!  go talk to them!"  Chula came over and took me by the shoulders, she hardly ever touch no one and twice in one day, and she led me into her class where the script was written on the board and B was laughing but also kind of freaked out.  it was meant as a joke but ... after that morning!

she was like 'Im sorry Meegy"  and it all subsided and then later was when my boss really DID come back!  i had told Chula  "you should erase that"

oh my!

anyway my boss took away Hidemi, she put her in Chula's class, she said we can't teach the same level, and she made me take this Saudi lady we just got.  w/e  Hidemi called after school downtown to complain.

so tired

i drove around to two meetings tonite but the first one was so awful i will tell you about it sometime

tomorrow is B, four hours and then ima try and do some relaxing ... man!

this morning at 8 a.m i got a text from Scrappy Do.  he go "whatcha doing today Meegan?"

cello!  a WEEK after i texted him (following up his no vm fone call)!!!!!!!  rillydog!  fook that guy!  i am thru with him.  i did not answer.  i told La Chula about him and she shook her head after like the first sentence like "You went HIKING with that guy?  OH Meegy'

well!  what?

gotta sleep

Love you medhelp

thx for lissnin

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  u!


don't let the flea bites   bite!



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