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Some of my writing

Sep 13, 2013 - 0 comments

I stink at journals as I never remember to use them.  I am too busy.  I write when I feel like it.  Seldom is it a journal entry.  have no mania for updates, keeping up with Facebook (never log in) or social media.  I would rather read, talk on the phone or do face to face time.  I do not text, don't have a smartphone.  My prepaid just gets used to call cabs occasionally.  It cost about 20 bucks and I lost the bill.  If I am at home most of the time, I can use the landline and computer.  Anyway, you will see more of things I write than journal entries,  Here are a few.

The Cat that Walks Alone

Sometimes lolls and looks lazy
Sometimes snuggles and purrs
Sometimes spends time with a mate
Then yawns and is out the window.

She goes where she pleases
She does what she likes
In order to hold her
You have to catch her first

Good Luck
Til death do us part
Still happens...
Hanging tough in front of that fan
You were my miracle
I tried to be yours

When I wasn't lovable,
You still loved me
When it wasn't convenient
You still loved me
You might have moved on
But love remains

Sometimes I wonder if it was as hard
for you as it was for me
Life wasn't easy, neither were you
I bit my tongue, and loved you anyway.
You might have moved on
But love remains

Not the perfect Mom
But I still have your son
He was your last gift
I thought of you at graduation.
You couldn't be there
But love remains
Which Do You See?

She sits at her vanity, brushing her hair.
Fingers twinge as she holds the brush.
Once so light, a present for her wedding day.
She sees herself now, faded eyes and gray hair.
Cleaning her brush, She sets it just so.
On the same dresser she had back then.

Pictures stuck around the edges of her mirror,
Wedged into the frame.
Black and white remnants of people she knew once.
Her graduating class from college.
The tintype of her grandparents holding her mother
A black and white of herself, infant eyes wondering at the world.
Her younger self.  She is still that person on the inside.
Not everyone sees this.

All the people, places, things that flew by her,
Gone in an instant, but still there for her to touch.
Real as yesterday, a million miles, a thousand years
Wrapped up in her fourscore and ten,
Who can fathom a lifetime?
They say we get to review it at the end. (before the final exam)
Maybe I should take notes….

A Conversation with Lazarus

Rise from your bed and walk.
You have got to be kidding
Small matter of being dead here dude
Operating system no longer installed

Hardware was outdated
Just could not keep up
Parts kept falling off
So I decided to get out and walk the rest of the way.

Rise from your bed and walk
I will not be denied
That’s what you think Buddy.
Why walk when I can fly?

I still have joy for you to find
Ears that need to hear
What only you can say
It might seem easier to you, but its not quitting day.

So taste the fruit and drink the wine
Give a smile away
Now git your self up from that bed
And live another day!

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