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A cure for cancer?

Apr 13, 2008 - 1 comments

cancer cure





I read an article today that discussed a cancer cure that is close to beginning its human trials. The cure works by attaching small particles to cancerous cells, radiation is then used to kill all cancer cells without affecting normal ones.

The cure is pre-trials, so it is not clear yet if this will actually work in animal and then human bodies, and whether their claim of no side effects is true.

But it got me thinking what a real cure for cancer would do to our society. Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in modern history affecting more than 3% of Americans and despite billions of dollars that went into its research, has no end in sight. People use "A cure for cancer" as a phrase to describe an impossible task.

I think that a real cure for cancer brings with it not just a cure for an emotionally and financially draining disease, but new hope that we will conquer other difficult human diseases in the near future. It will hopefully get us to better support efforts to cure other difficult diseases and get our scientists and doctors more inspired to find those cures.

Here's the article:


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by sk123, Apr 15, 2008
I would be hard-pressed to find someone whose life hasn't been affected by cancer in one way or another. My grandfather died of lung cancer a few years ago (and so did my dog), and we all watched as they suffered through the various treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. A treatment without side effects would be so greatly appreciated, but if there did exist a cure for cancer,that would be indeed a miracle.

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