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my mommy

May 07, 2009 - 2 comments







dont know

my mommy is gone for 3 weeks and i miss her i dont really want to do anything
i just want to sit and wate wate for her to come back. i dont know why but have a feeling she isnt coming
back i dont know but i think it might be because my bio mom abandon me

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by siniaong, May 07, 2009
hello dear, am feeling sorry for your sadness right now... you know i am a mother of 4, i have 2 girls and 2 boys and i left them in our country because i have to work in another place, dont be sad, just think that youre not alone in that situation...dont think negative, and dont just sit and wait, do something with friends (good ones) and maybe try to have a new hobby....i hope this message could help you in any you have ym account??? would like to chat with you sometime...

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by kido212, May 08, 2009
yea it did help i am just nervious i guess

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