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Twilight, take 2

May 07, 2009 - 12 comments

So I just finished reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, for the second time.  It's so engraved into my brain, I thought I would write for a while.

There are a few things that I know now.  First of all, Stephanie Meyer needs to become a vampire so she can continue writing forever.  Her books enthrall me. I know that they are considered "young adult novels" or "teeny bopper books".  But I don't care.  I really enjoy her writing style.  It's an easy read but she just captivates me.

The next thing that I know is that I might actually be in love with a fictional vampire named Edward Cullen. Yes, I somewhat feel like a 12 year old girl, writing this.  Not a 22 year old, MARRIED, woman.  Oh well, I don't care.  And neither does my husband.  The connection between Edward and Bella leaves me absolutely speechless and breathless. It's a whirlwind romance and an eternal, ethereal love all at the same time.  It's incredible the way it winds up.   You know how in those quick, sultry love affairs, how it happens so fast, so sure?  Their story has that element. Now let's skip to another example.  Let's go to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's love builds slowly, simmering and long lasting.  Somehow Stephanie Meyer has combined the two into this amazing series and it just captivates me and holds me prisoner.

I think that a lot of women have that "dark side" to their physical wants.  A lot of women will admit to wanting to be wooed, courted, romanced, seduced.  But, I know for myself, sometimes there's another side to that.  That side where we want to be taken.  We want that man to be strong, take control.  Ha ha, I know that I'm probably sounding crazy right now, but who cares.  Is it masochistic of me to want Edward Cullen to bite me?  Hmm.... a thought to ponder.  The thought doesn't bother me one bit!  

I will be re-reading New Moon as soon as I can get ahold of it. I don't own the books yet, so I'm borrowing them from my sister in law.  I can't wait to contiue the series for a second time.

Now onto Mr. Robert Pattinson, the man who plays Edward Cullen in the movie.  He is not conventionally gorgeous, but I find him scintillating.  He pours himself into his characters and I really admire that about him.  He takes weeks off before shooting, to become one with his character. He confines himself in solitude and really just envelopes himself it in. I love that.  He's a musician on top of that.  I'm not a HUGE fan of his voice, but his talent with a piano or a guitar thrill me.  I don't know. Like I said, I sound like a 12 year old with her first big celebrity crush. I swear I'm having flashbacks of myself and Justin Timberlake when NSYNC first hit the scene.

Next point, the song on the soundtrack called Bella's Lullaby.  It's from the movie.  That song is incredible.  It reminds me of a cross between the perfect ode to unrequited love and the perfect serenade to eternal love.  Which fits the theme perfectly.  Three cheers to the composer.  The perfect connection between the songs dissonance and underlying harmonies.  How the song flutters and slips in and out of keys and chord progressions.  It's in Major then Minor, then... something out of this world. Like I said:  Ethereal.  It's perfection to me, at this moment.  I feel that way about a lot of compositions.  This one is thrilling to me in this moment.  I feel enraptured but it all.  

I need to get back into composing.  I miss it. Hm.... Maybe dh should buy me a piano.  I always used my mom's.  Now I don't live near her :(.    

Okay, that's enough for my ranting.  It wasn't really for anyone's benefit.  I just needed to write.  If that makes sense.

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525485 tn?1314361301
by Lance06, May 07, 2009
Hey, let me ask you...was the book twlight better than the movie. My younger sister who reads those books said that the movie did the book ABSOLUTELY NO justice...she said they left out SO MUCH!

i enjoyed the movie...but dont find much time to pick up a book these days!

how are those pups?

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by DreamGirl0524, May 07, 2009
The books are TREMENDOUSLY better!  I was so disappointed with the movie, only because the books were so great!  I read all four in about 5 days.  They are addictive!

688022 tn?1275944889
by mrspace24, May 07, 2009
The books were MUCH better than the movie, but I enjoyed the movie too.  I didn't like the director and I think she could have done much more with the character development. I'm excited for the new movie this fall with the new director.  From what I've read in Rob Pattinson's interviews, I think he's going to delve deeper. Which I'm excited for.

The puppies are great.  2 of them (as of last night) have their eyes open.  They are cute as a button!  I love them so much and it's going to be so hard when they leave :(

Hopefully my sister in law will bring New Moon over tonight.  I'm so addicted.  

So, I've been listening to Bella's Lullaby for the past few days and it makes me miss music SO much.  I was a music major in college and I really miss it (if you couldn't tell by my paragraph about the song).  So, I started pricing some used keyboards or even a used upright piano.  And guess what...there is one FOR FREE abotu 20 minutes from my house.  It's a "you haul, it's free" type things.  It works, fine, it's not in tune (which I can have that done easy) and... I would have my music back.  So I'm going to call tonight to see if it's still available and I'll talk to dh and HOPEFULLY he'll let me get it.  You know what, screw that.  I'm getting it. I need it in my life. lol

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by bam1014, May 07, 2009
I have been resisting my co-worker's attempts to get me to read this series for months.  Now that I am on a break from school, I finally picked up Twilight and started reading it.  I finished it in one day.  The next day I went out and bought all 4 books in hardcover and finished the 2nd one.  I'm now on the third.  I hate to admit as a grown woman that I really enjoy them.  I feel like her style of writing is a cross between Janat Evanovich and V.C. Andrews.

I have the movie, but wanted to wait until I finished the 4th book to watch. So, only being as I've read the first two, I must say that while I like Edward, I am not in love with him.  I think he is being slightly selfish by teasing Bella, but then insisting she remain human.  After all if it were true love, wouldn't he want her to be with him forever and not cause her the pain by having to stand at "arms distance".  Seriously, if I was in that much love, I would want some major nookie!

I can't wait to finish the rest!

688022 tn?1275944889
by mrspace24, May 07, 2009
Oh girl, just wait til Breaking Dawn. It's by far my favorite.  I fell in love with Edward from day one. But that was just me.  I had thoughts like that too, about him being selfish. But I guess I saw his side of it also.  Not wanting to make her into a monster, which was how he saw himself.  But I agree.  If I were Bella, I'd want to go find another vampire to change me, so that I could jump on that!  Holy cow!  The movie wasn't as good as the book, but I didn't mind it.  The song, Bella's Lullaby (you should look it up) wowed me.  It just fit really well into the whole essence of the book and the film.  The new movie comes out in November, and I can't wait!

478429 tn?1265244387
by dnikki0928, May 07, 2009
OMG! I know exactly what you mean!!! I am on Book 4 right now, and I have read the rest in a week and a half!!! I feel so silly saying how much I love Twilight b/c I'm 23 lol!!! I get to the point where I have to put down the book in a good spot and then that night I'll dream about what could happen next!!!  I watched the movie first, then read the books and I'm glad I did. I am really able to put the characters into place. I'm almost done with Breaking Dawn and I'll be so sad when I am lol - I don't want the series to end!!! It makes me feel good thought that I'm not the only adult who is fascinated with this series!!!

487124 tn?1256654549
by jdamico, May 07, 2009
no i am totally  in to the  series too  i  read the  four books in about  two  weeks  while i was on  bedrest.Dh  bought them for me cause someone he works with  said   maybe ur  wife would like to read these since he knew how much i like to  read. I would  so runway away  with Edward Cullen  anyday lol  dont feel silly  saying that  ur are in love with the  book i  completely   love them  and i am  27 married  with three kids.  I read her other book   The  Host  but i have to admitt The twilight series has to best  thing ihave read since the  the Harry Potter  series ( man i  really  sound like a nerd there)

427258 tn?1266445242
by natemomma27, May 07, 2009
I held off on seeing the movie or reading the books b/c I wasn't into the hype then I caved and rented the movie and the next day went and bought the DVD and all the books and read all of them in a month. I was so sad when the book ended b/c I just wanted to keep reading about the love between Bella and Edward and poor Jacob in all the mess LOL. I too think I wouldn't mind being bitten by 'Edward'. His character is amazing! I don't think Rob (the actor who plays Edward) is all that handsome either, but in the movie...with the makeup...I'm like a little school girl!!!

*On a good note...There will be another book, but it will be from Edwards point-of-view and I can not wait!!!

330481 tn?1309488243
by scienceteacher79, May 07, 2009
I am 30 and LOVE the books!! She writes so beautifully - you can't help but love all of the characters. PS: I love Edward too :) Heehee PSS: The movie sucks in comparision to the book!

688022 tn?1275944889
by mrspace24, May 08, 2009
I'm so glad that I'm not the only person to feel this way.  I can't wait until her new book, Midnight Sun comes out.  I'm re-reading the series like I said.  My sister in law was too tired to bring New Moon by last night. I'm so tempted to just buy the series myself.  We just got our tax amendment back, so I might be splurging here very soon!  

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by bam1014, May 10, 2009
I just finished watching the movie last night.  I must say that I was not impressed.  If I had not read the book first, I can't say that I would have been able to completely follow it.  It seemed choppy and to skip key elements.  I also didn't like the character development.  I didn't find Edward or Bella to be believable.  I guess I'm just spoiled by my own imangination :)  That's not to say I won't watch the next movie.  I here there is a different director.  However, I did love Bella's song and rewinded it to hear quite a few times :)

Is the fifth book really coming out?  I read on Stephanie Myers website that she was angry that it got leaked, so she refused to publish it.  However, she did put on her website what has been completed so far.

688022 tn?1275944889
by mrspace24, May 11, 2009
I agree with you bam.  I think that the new director will do some great things though.  We'll see.  In an interview with Rob Pattinson, he said that he was excited to take Edward to new depths.  I'm anxious to see what they do with it.  I liked the movie still, but not as much as the books.  Bella's Lullaby rocked my world. I just ordered the sheet music this weekend.  I also downloaded it on Itunes and I listen to it almost daily. It is awesome.

So far I've heard that the book will be published, but who knows.  We'll just have to see.

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