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Disappointing Friends Here

Sep 15, 2013 - 1 comments



recovery is individual

I have something on my mind, so I just want to say it. Yesterday I saw something that made me feel really sad. A person was on here who had to adjust their step down routine, and they were begging for forgiveness from their friends here because they didn't want to disappoint friends here. And one friend came along and pretty much said this person was lying about how they felt and didn't want to detox and in general acted that yes, they were disappoibnted.

I had a friend who committed suicide because of something like that. Every one has their way of getting through and no everyone's body chemistry is NOT the same. I tried going cold turkey off a drug that plainly told me in the literature not to stop abruptly. I tried it anyway, didn't make it. I am never going to apologize for calling a doctor, minimizing a dose of my tramadol until I can get to a specialist and finding my correct way to step down. I am GLAD for people who made it through cold turkey. I did do it off Norco. I can't off this drug. I accept it and am moving on.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. If anybody said to me what I saw said to that poor girl yesterday, there'd be an unfriend so fast their head would spin.

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by Butterfly1503, Sep 16, 2013
I agree 100%!

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