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want to get into a relationship with a loving and pretty girl

Sep 18, 2013 - 1 comments

Dont get me wrong and dont think its inappropriate . I am doing CBT these days and everyday when i write down my thoughts the recurrent theme which is at least in part responsible for my depression is lack of a romantic relationship.
Though relationships dont cure depression , loving romantic relationships reduce depression . Its a challenge but i will get through it  .. Almost made it a few months ago but the girl was a borderline with narcissitic traits and the latter part killed the relationship  ...

Anyways pray for me ...

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by swabes, Sep 19, 2013
I agree that romantic relationships do postpone the symptoms of depression
It happened when i met my fiance and i depended on it like a lifeline. But as we settled into a routine together all the symptoms came back and i just couldnt understand. My partner of course was dumbfounded. Who was this clingy girl taking panic attacks at the drop of a hat. That went on for a long time until i went and got the help i needed and work hard to recover.
I think people need to learn to love themselves before they can thrive in a relationship. You have to project the qualities you want to attract.
I know for years when I was unwell I would become really fixated on people and what it would be like in a relationship with them. Looking back myself and the person had no particular bond or connection. It was all just a big distraction from the real problems I was facing. I was living in a world of ideals where i thought a relationship could save me. But the only thing that can do that is professional help and a lot of hard work.

I wish you all the best with your CBT. Stick with it and you will certainly continue to reap the benefits.  

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