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Hi Replacement

Apr 14, 2008 - 0 comments


I had a THR 12/31/07.  I had AVN and arthritis.  I am still having hip pain in the groin which is where the pain was before the hip replacement.  What is interesting is that the pain becomes wrose at night when I try to sleep.  It wakes me every hour and sometimes it's very intense, but during the day, it is tolerable.   I return to the surgeon in May for a final follow-up.  I told him on my last visit that I still had pain but he had no comment.  I walk with a limp still and my range of motion with my leg is limited.  In February 08 I had a sudden L-4 rupture and had back surgery.  My back seems to be feeling just fine.  Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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