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i  am trying so hard to change

Sep 20, 2013 - 3 comments








not me but for getting my feelings get hurt so easily.  these days i guess i wear feelings on my shoulder.  and feeling sorry for myself.  i do listen to you.  ttis was a nice day.  tammy was going to dinner with a friend and her sister.  she dressed up she put make up on and fixed her hair.  i took her picture and put it on internet.  she started gettiing responses.  she has lost 61 pounds.  s caear some of my clothes.  she worke so hard to lose  weight.  she smiled all day.  that makes me happy.  i hope everything will return back to normal here.  i love you guys.  mandy876

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2217782 tn?1394367572
by swabes, Sep 21, 2013
Im glad you had a nice day friend :) take care.

3060903 tn?1398568723
by Nighthawk61, Sep 21, 2013
so glad to hear that you're being so introspective chacha, and hooray for tammy giving a care ~ this journal, above any other makes me smile today.....

i think that both you and tammy, since you've started working together on your relationship are starting to not only recognize your human frailities and make small changes, but you are able to see your positive attributes in yourselves and each other, an i think this is bonding you closer together......

i pray that your smiles rub off on each other forever ..........can't wait to hear she gets out there on a date.... 61 llbs in a huge loss . and it's so good for her to see that you're so proud.....

best to you both charlene, i love you too !!!!  Liz

4548024 tn?1474842725
by renae176, Sep 21, 2013
Well good for her losing 61 pounds thats amazing its hard to do, I hope everything works out for you, everyone at a time feels sorry for themselves, i know i do, at times, Good Luck to you, Have a great weekend

Ps i would write more but i really dont the situation,

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