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What a long strange trip it's been...60 days clean

May 10, 2009 - 10 comments












Man it seems like a million years have passed, but I made it to 60 days clean today. I was so wrapped up in my addicition I never thought I would have made it to this point. I was sick for almost 3 weeks, and they were a LONG 3 weeks.

My mind is clear which is great!, I have no cravings, which I give all the glory to God for and no depression and that I give all the glory to God!. I am so glad not to be under the power of opiates any longer. I have my life back, when I was on the pills I never went anywhere didnt really care if I saw my kids or grandkids. Now i am out and about, happy to be alive..I havent been this happy in such a long time

What gets me is I thought by going to a pain specialist I was doing things the right way. Now don't get me wrong I do not blame my addicition on the doctor. It was me who got himself addicted. I just didn't want to admit it to myself let alone anyone else. I wanted everyone to think that I controlled the meds but the meds controlled me.

Well the Long strange trip is still going on, I seem to rediscover something new everyday, it may be the smallest little thing, but thank God that I have my senses back to see  it.

I want to thank everyone here at MH who encouraged me and  told me I could do this. There are too many to single out. My MH family is such an important part of my life, I thank you all and love you all, without you guys i could not have done this...your music man....brian

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460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, May 10, 2009
You've been quite an inspiration to a lot of us - I know you have been for me.

This is nearly the beginning of Week Three of my alprazolam weaning and I still have a long road to travel.  How wonderful that you have been clean for so long.

Somebody once said - probably a leftwing pinko - that some of us get to where we are by standing on the shoulders of giants.  It's giants like you and others who have dealt with their addictions who provide the shoulders for those of us who are just beginning the path to being clean.

Peace and long life .... Natalie

455167 tn?1259257871
by boogieman, May 10, 2009
congrads to you both. you're winners in my book!    gm

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by Ella789, May 10, 2009
I'm proud of you!!!  Gosh, you have been through so much and still were able to detox,  that is an awesome accomplishment !!  

  I remember when I was on day one,  I prayed to God and my newly departed Dad,  I said please help me, be with me and help me do this!!  Strange to feel that presence, that comfort that came over me, it was indiscribable.  I knew then that the " I think I can"  turned into "I'm going to "  ya know what I mean ??

Congrats on your 60 days!!!!!!!!!


452063 tn?1324074916
by corey411, May 10, 2009
Congratulations Brian.  It's so hard to believe that you quit 2 months ago. You've done such a good job and I am so glad that you are going out to the mall and doing things that bring you joy. Things will just keep getting better from this point.Keep rockin, Corey

765070 tn?1384869794
by Melissa0116, May 10, 2009
Great job!  That is an awesome accomplishment.  You should be extremely proud of yourself.  

599170 tn?1300973893
by Cherie762, May 10, 2009
Your a stong man Brian, you held fast and did not cave in, this is going to be so helpful to you in ways you dont even know yet..your upcoming surgery will be easier, Im sure you will need some big boy pain meds for that but be careful, hopefully you can come home on toradol or ultram...both non narcotic but stroner then OTCs...

Now spring is coming and you are able to do some things youve been wanting too take that grandson fishing,,,wont that be great,,just being in the peace of nature with that sweet little to you...C

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, May 10, 2009
Well done I can feel your happiness isnt it great to conquor a bad habit and feel in control again, you go jollyman ..its full speed ahead from now on,..

306455 tn?1288862071
by flmagi, May 10, 2009
Congrats on 60 days clean! Thats huge! Happy you realized how great life can be without the drugs even when you have to deal with some pain. Having a clear head is sooo worth it.  Keep up the great work.

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by boldsojah4christ, May 10, 2009
Amen greeaat job! Keep up the good work!! It takes a strong mind state 2 do what you do!! Ur a prime example 2 that saying if you put ur mind 2 it you can do anything you want! All glory be 2 God!!!! Shannon

518031 tn?1295575374
by jollyman069, May 10, 2009
Thank you everyone for the kind wordss and the words of encouragment  again i thank you all and love you all...brian

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