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what to do now?

May 11, 2009 - 2 comments

i stumbled on a site called psych central...took a few quizzes there and on some other sites too!
according to them, i am suffering from sever depression, mild to severe bipolar, ocd and/or trichotillomania, and adult attention deficit disorder[add].
i am out of therapy for almost 6 months now!
the condition is worsening!

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by margypops, May 11, 2009
What do you work at, are you busy enough,it is always our thoughts that make us feel bad,are you worrying a lot about anything and everything, what is the medication you are on if the doctor has prescribed you any ,sometimes adjustment or change of Med can help.You say the condition is worsening, I think you mean the depression, have you any ideas what triggers it when you feel at your worst.what is happening or has happened prior to you feeling bad.

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by ivan_elbisivni, May 12, 2009
i am student. m doing third year engineering in information technology! my finals are nearing. i had taken therapy in December 2008 of which i had not informed my parents or friends. on the last exam of my semester 5 i was really worried and stressed that i would flunk in that paper...i had a migraine attack for the first time that day...i told the physician. in presence of my parents, that i was taking anti-depressants. but it greatly saddened me that my parents did not ask me much about it..they simply didn't inquire as to why i was seeing a shrink..what problems i had...nothing absolutely

they simply took me to a small vacation with my uncle and aunt after some days!

college started and i would keep busy! i had lost the motivation to see the shrink again. i thought perhaps it was just my notion. but i would keep lapsing in periods of misery, cry daily for no reason...get depressed by small day-to-day happenings! and always have strong feeling of suicide and death!

but it's affecting my grades badly, i did flunk that last paper, my relationships with friends are affected, i am afraid to trust anyone. i am usually irritable and get angry, irked quickly! i can't see myself failing exams it is left with little or no self-esteem or confidence...i need to see a therapist to restore my self-respect as well as my respect in front of family and friends

i am usually at my worst when i am at home!

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