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My Hysterrectomy Journey

May 11, 2009 - 1 comments

Well i am a little over two weeks post op after my surgery.The morning of i was shake nervous and surgery lasted about hour half.when i came to.I woke up to a nurses voice asking me how i felt .I was sick the first day but was better the second .Funny My doctor came in the first night about 8 and says to me Leah now you just had Major surgery Remember that just struck me funny the way he was saying it likr i did not realize this .

went for a checkup this past week.Doctor says i am recovering well.Asked me if i had had any regrets i told him no .And i do not it was the best choice for me.i have had good days and bad days but no regrets .now onward and forward ahead to the future...

Thank you to all my new friends out there for there support..Leah

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by Cherie762, May 11, 2009
Leah,,,great attitude,,will help you heal quicker both emotionally and physically. Doctors do say silly things sometimes dont they?   i am very glad you have no regrets, I have noe either and after a year of no periods that part is great, dont miss them at all....Cherie

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