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anyone else feel like something is coming?.....

Apr 15, 2008 - 1 comments

sorry way OT again. but i dont want this to start controversy or anything either i really just want to get it off my chest and see if theres anyone out there feel the same way. here it is: i really feel like something is happening, and i dont watch news (it depresses me) or anything like that im not a political or overly religious person, i just have a weird intuition ive never felt before. and it seems like everyone is buzzing, becoming uncomfortable, talking about things that used to not be every day conversation. and frankly this change around me is kinda scary. i dont know where this feeling came from seems like just out of the blue! i have nothing to go on but my instincts. maybe i just need to see a therapist! my hubby is a sort of spiritual person and ive seen changes in him here lately too. he says people are waking up. i dont know what to make of that. my friend amber is a REALLY religious person and she says stuff that i wont even go into. i dont want to breath life into anything trust me. anyway! im done...

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by msgorgeous, Apr 15, 2008
i believe soo things around just havent been the same now that you mention it i can defrnitly tell theres something going on and it scares me

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