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Can't Be live that this is happened...

Sep 23, 2013 - 0 comments

help question

I am not doing really well on my anxiety today. I am worrying  about thing that i really shouldn't be worrying about , my son is 23 years old and I guess if he wants to blame me for all the things in his life and keep me away then it is all on him so why is it that is bothers me so bad. I mean really did i tell him to do the drugs, go against the law, or even make him go to jail. NO i did not... I know  that if i could i would help him in anyway that i can. But ever since he has been out of jail this is the way he has been and keeping me out of his life. Because he said that i am an enabler. But  i am the one that took care of his family and stuff while he was in jail. But no i don't even get a thank you all i got was pushed away.Wishing each and everyday was different......

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