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More symptoms that I forgot to mention

Sep 24, 2013 - 0 comments









low vitamin D

As I am reading posts by others, I remember other symptoms that I have experienced and forgot to mention.  The sense of an internal vibration that many have referred to, I have had.  Sometimes it also feels like my heart is pounding throughout my body and sometimes racing.  I have had a period of hair loss, about 6months ago, but I was also post partum.  I still feel like it was more than the normal post partum hair loss.  My baby is ten months old.  I am 38.  
I am still hoping this is directly related to the low vitamin d.  But, I am wondering if I have Lyme Disease or metal poisoning, as well.   Most of the neurological symptoms started after I got braces.  And I had what the holistic dentist thought was oral galvanism.  I also read an article by a doctor that says Lyme disease and metal poisoning can go hand in hand.  I hope to continue my search, find answers, and share with you all.
My doctor is still trying to attribute my symptoms to anxiety, but after reading many of your posts, I know now more than ever, that it is not the problem, but the result.
Working at improving my health day by day.

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