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May 12, 2009 - 3 comments


When I fill in the Trackers I'm sometimes between the categories & now put myself in the higher end of what I'm doubtful about, ie Do I feel Good or Excellent in mood. Not all days are the same & life is full of ups/downs. So I believe it's better to err on the more positive side. Positive's the way indicated, most posts say this. I send notes to support others & give that advise too. If the 'down''s only a small blip' it's best ignored & just get on with the day. That way it stops it becoming a 'major event' ~ my experience lately shows this to work. ~ I won't add 'for now' as that's not positive. Life can become good again, but it must be given chance to flourish by looking at the many positive things that come along, that way the negative gets dominated & it makes for a happier outcome. Comments very welcolme

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by mavismoomoo, May 12, 2009
Pretty soon or even now,see I am taking your advice,you can join the optimist club :) affectionately, Mavis

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by fleuey, May 31, 2009
I find myself trying to do just that.  I don't want my day, or any given moment, to be defined soley by negative thoughts and feelings.  My anxiety is much easier to handle when I simply acknowledge it and then move away from it, sometimes physically moving....going outside with my dogs, or sit down and pluck at my guitar...anything to keep my mind from falling deeper and deeper into the negative moment.

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by gofio, May 31, 2009
Glad that you have developed a strategy to control the negative thoughts. Hope that you get even better & somehow get your life back together as you want it to be. This site's a great link to those that share your symptoms/thoughts & I'm glad that I stumbled on it ~ should say something else than 'stumbled' as that's got a negative conotation. Good Luck & best wishes

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