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Daughter   A Card from my daddy...

Sep 25, 2013 - 1 comments

I dont unpack for a reason i found a card from dad...I cant believe I treated him so badly...I cant believe I made him believe that i hated him!! When i just loved him with all my being the tears flow and I cant stop them I cant breathe HOW COULD I MAKE HIM FEEL THIS BAD!! I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!!! Now hes not here I cant take it back...I hate me...I cant breathe
HE wrote
Although you dont see it This card expresses how i feel from my heart, I'm sorry that I have trouble expressing things like this to you. I'm also sorry that You feel I have destroyed your life. It kills me inside to think this is so. I hope and pray that with these feelings you have, you might one day become strong enough to rise above all of this and become a stronger person. You have so many fantastic qualities that most people lack. No matter what you say or feeI just want you to know that i love you with all my being and the only reason I "bug you" is because I care. No matter how much you push me away I will always try to protect you.
I love you,
My dad was my hero i took for granted i hope hes proud

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by SmilingBright, Sep 25, 2013
Oh sweetheart of course he's looking down on you so proud of u.  (Tears). You are so very special my girl.    Keep on shining.  We all say things to our parents at some point that we may regret. They always know that we love them though.  

My heart breaks for you.  God is holding you in the palm
Of His hands. Love you my girl.

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