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Tuesday 12

May 12, 2009 - 2 comments

new anxiety med.

went to another meeting last night. it was good too so i'll go on mondays and wednesdays. I started taking a new anxiety med.'s awesome! it doesn't leave me doped up, it's a non-narcotic, and doesn't need to "build up" in your system.The catch is it's super expensive, brand new so no generic yet, and my insutrance requires prior auth. for it.Thank God he had 3 weeks of samples for me!!!

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by quirkey, Sep 23, 2010
I am to to fatigue going to bed for sleep

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by harp323, Dec 30, 2010
wow way to go 38 days. i am on lorazipam for anxiety, proczak for depression, trazidone for sleep/ depresson.  Today is dec.30 and i am 20 days clean. it feels great not to think of it every day. i do have to watch the food intake. take care and happy new year.  jodie

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