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Weight loss -- With the Wii fit and dieting

May 12, 2009 - 0 comments

My husband bought me the Wii fit for mothers day and I have used it twice now.  The first day I only did 15 minutes or so of exercise and didn't try very hard (acclimating to it i suppose).  This morning I did a full 30 minute workout, mostly yoga and aerobics focusing on but I did do one strength training exercise.  The aerobics stuff is kicking my butt!  But I'm doing it!  I'm not giving up!  The Wii fit logs my time and what exercises I'm doing.  This is great!  And I have decided to log what food I'm eating.  It will make me be honest with myself.  Yes, if I want that bag of M&Ms, I am going to have to write it down.  So if I really really want it, sure, I will have some.  Maybe I will only have half a bag instead of the whole bag (it's that time of the month coming up so this will be a concern probably next week that I will go through).

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