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Is my son autistic PDD-NOS, etc?

Apr 15, 2008 - 1 comments



low iq






learning difficulties



My 11-year old son does poorly in school and I'd love to know why.

During my pregnancy we were told that he had Cystic Fibrosis and Down Syndrome.  Even after testing by specialists were told told to terminate immediately.  Further testing showed no symptoms.  Shortly after birth he was diagnosed with sepsis and spent two weeks in ICU receiving high doses of numerous antibiotics.  He later had ear infections that were not clearned since he was immune to antibiotics after his hospital stay.  At one year old he had tubes in his ears that did not help.  

At four years old he was placed in preschool and immediately placed back into the 3-year old class.  We were able to place him in public Pre-K based on speech and language issues (which was a stretch).  He did poorly in Kindergarten and repeated the grade.  He is now in fourth grade and is still doing poorly, even with his work below grade level.  During these years he has had IEP's and special help.

He has been IQ tested at least three times by the public school system and an independant office.  These scores were from 68-72, on medication and not.  Teachers referred him out for Asperger testing and he was not diagnosed.  He's also been tested by a speech and hearing clinc at the local university.   Teachers each year tend to have the mentality 'He's just not had a good, the right, teacher yet until me...' but soon realize he is more than they can handle.  He is in no way a behavior problem.  We have been told a little of everything.... developmentally delayed, ADD, Low IQ, you name it.

He suffers from anxiety, has some odd mannerisms (ok, a lot), knowledgeable about areas he has an interest in (science), depression, etc.  I think he is in the autism spectrum, PDD-NOS.  School is trying to help but nothing seems to be working.  IEP's are hard since his academic abilities versus working level are not at such a degree for a learning disability.  Shouldn't a low IQ be across the board- in all areas, versus doing well in areas he has an interest in?  I was recently told be a health professional that he needs to come home and play outside and work with his hands, not doing hours of homeowork.  She said he'd have a job using basic skills and will need assistance in daily living skills.  I am not settling for that response.  What should I do?

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by fros.doggy, Jan 30, 2009
I believe he is suffering from the asperger's syndrome. I can understand what you are telling. I am also suffering from the same. Basically, we can think in a way that normal can never think. Obviously, it is impossible to have a good academic performance. I believe he is very much interested in the research work areas.

If you will try, you can feel that that he may be having very sound opinion over the item in which he is interested. Even he can behave in a manner as he is having the master degree on that topic. He can solve many things on his conceptual basis although the memory power is not strong. May be, he can suffer from short tem memory loss. For example, when I was of 6 years, I was hanging my water bottle in my neck but at the same time, I was searching for it.

By forcing him to achieve the items which he cannot will result in depression for him. If he is interested on any topic, for instance in the field of computers, just give him push in that direction, he will surely give good results. I am sure. Please don't force him to learn things given in the course book but give a better conceptual approach.

Basically, people like us have a great interest in the field of mechanics, thermodynamics, computer science. Also, we are very muxh interested in memorizing dates, calculating dates and similar.

Whatever, I am telling you it's a fact and I am telling all these from my personal experience. I was suffering from the same but don't know anything related to this. I had really faced problems from the society. Everyone had given me the pressure to become normal and no one can understand my problem. But when my dad  had purchased computer in the year 2004, I really got great knowledge in the field of computers. At present, I am doing B.Tech in computer science and Engineering and in the december, 2007, I had been awarded as a genius in the field of computers at the national level (In India). At present also, my academic performance is not very good.
Finally, I will tell you, just give him a push up in the direction of his interest and if you would like to know anything more or discuss anything, kindly contact me. I would be really thankful for helping my younger brother.

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