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Inmunological pannel done

Sep 26, 2013 - 11 comments




Today I went to the clinic and they took 5 tubes of blood to do several tests (among them the CD3+CD4+CD8 counts). I have an appointment with the immunologist in two weeks to know the results and take some action. Hopefully my CD4/CD8 ratio will be higher than 1 and my CD4 will be in the normal range, in case not, I will probably have to do an HIV PCR RNA test.

For those reading my case, I received unprotected oral sex from a girl from unknown status in February 2012 and have very bizarre tongue problems since June 2012 (see my photos to know what I am talking about). I have done several HIV tests (but only 4th Generation tests) the last one just few weeks ago (six tests in 18 months post exposure)

All the tests have been done in three different labs. However, I have health problems since that incident. Before, I was a healthy person and rarely went to the doctor.

Will keep you updated with the results.

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by Chicago1984, Sep 26, 2013
Thanks for the update Ashler. Lets us know when you get your results. I really think we are battling the same thing. For comparison, i did the CD4/CD8 test at 4 months. Results were:

Total lymphocytes: 2893
CD4: 1042
CD8: 872
CD4 / CD8 ratio: 1.20

I have had 4 antibody tests done, all negative (6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 10 months). Doctors think i'm fine.

My history:Performed oral on woman of unknown status 11 months ago. Have had white tongue since one month post incident. Also have a cluster of red pinprick dots on arms and a few on hands. Other symptoms have mostly disappeared, like: severe nightsweats, tingling and numbness in limbs, loss of appetite, bloated abdomen.


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by Chicago1984, Sep 26, 2013
Forgot to add i had non-detected RNA test at 6 weeks as well.


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by ashler1977, Sep 26, 2013
Highest total lymphocytes I had so far has been around 2,300 with WBC only around 4500 to 5500.

Didn't do a RNA test yet, but that's the next thing to do according the results I will get in two weeks.

Fingers crossed.

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by ashler1977, Oct 10, 2013
Normal results. After 6 negative HIV tests and these results, I think I can definitely rule out HIV...

CD4 667       -- [430 - 1010]
CD4 39.0%    -- [27-59%]

CD8 305       -- [170-1050]
CD8 17.8%    -- [11-38%]

CD4/CD8 2.19 -- [1.1-2.9]

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by Chicago1984, Oct 10, 2013
This doesn't solve the problem, but it still has to be reassuring. My CD4/CD8 (see above) were in normal ranges as well, and that's when the doctors implored me to move on. Did your doctor have any more ideas?

Congrats on the results.  

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by ashler1977, Oct 10, 2013
Yes, it does not solve the problem, but I think we can agree it rules out HIV (If HIV was the reason, my CD4 would be low, and my ratio would be under 1 - this test was taken about 18 months post exposure).

However, my liver enzimes were elevated (will post full results later) and my Dr. has forbidden me alcohol. I will take some pills to improve liver functions and was also given some probiotics.

I still need to go back with infectologist to show him these results, and he also run some other tests on my tongue whose results I don't know yet.

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by learning550, Oct 19, 2013
congrats man..HIV is way out of the window..don't even think again about it

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by ashler1977, Mar 18, 2014
Went to inmunologist today again, as the problem persists. She will repeat the tests. It will be 6 months since then.

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by notverysmart1, Mar 18, 2014
How are things going for you? I think that I may have an answer to my strange journey for the last 4 years. I am going to give you a link. When I say answer, that is really meaning that I may have an idea what is causing my issues, but the condition is not very well understood. Read the symptoms and what others experienced and see if it is like your issues.

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by ashler1977, Mar 20, 2014
I went to that site, checked the symptoms and nowhere was mention of white coated tongue/dry tongue. But thanks for your interest.

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by unlucky30, Jan 05, 2016
Hello ashler1977.
I also have got exactly same issue.  What did you find finally. I have been foollowing you for long time.  Thank you.

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