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april babies

Sep 26, 2013 - 3 comments

Since this is my first time pregnant in the winter I don't know what to expect. Even though this is my 4th pregnancy but always been pregnant in the summer. So what type of clothes am I going to need for my baby when he or she is born in April.

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by hansen20, Sep 27, 2013
I need some help ladies. But I live in Walla Walla Washington

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by Ellen038, Sep 27, 2013
Our seasons in CA are pretty mild. I plan on buying a few cool weather outfits for April/ May and the rest for warmer weather starting in June. I can use the cool weather outfits on nights it's cool if they still fit in June.

Maybe you could buy both winter and summer clothes and what you don't use take back with the reciept. That way you would be prepared??

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by heather727, Sep 27, 2013
My son was a March baby in New England. We had a mild Winter that year and an icy and cold Spring. I used thin long feety jammies and long sleeved gowns for the most part. Even when the weather starts to warm up, new babies still need an extra layer because they can't regulate their body temps yet.

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