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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sep 27, 2013 - 0 comments

Also, my activity level is terrible...I am in this chair, on the computer, all day long, sittin on my butt, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee. Must be terrible for my overall health. Well it stops now!!!! I just got a new job as an Ironworker, supposed to start in October. No way I can do my job effectively in the shape I am in. I was working for my old boss, just started again, and on my second day working for him, I had to climb up a 12' ladder, with a big fluorescent light fixture, and set it in the track for the drop ceiling. I had to do this fifty times. Which I can do, but the next day, when I woke up, my arms were toast. Killin' me from elbow down. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, whatever it is, I couldn't go back to work. I have experienced this before, usually when I start lifting weights again after a long period. I know my arms reacted like this because of no activity on a daily basis. So now I been doing little sets of push ups, and curls using light weights. To work myself back into getting in shape, and so this doesn't re-occur when I start welding in my Ironworker Apprenticeship.

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