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I cant take this anymore!

May 12, 2009 - 4 comments

I really need to vent
My partner is going out every wed night with his old boss
they go out and drink and he waists so much on him and his friend usually paying for most of his stuff
he tells me that its one of the only things that he is happy with at the moment
he doesnt come home! he stays out ALL night and then will go back to his friends house and go to work the next day since its closer then our house
i cant sleep when he isnt home, i get upset and grumpy and he knows i hate him doing it! i dont no if im being a controll freak but i only have a few more wks till i have the baby
we have been fighting so much and he says baisicly he has never been this unhappy n stuff
its just pissing me off i swear i cant put up with it right now it stresses me out too much!
he is happy to go and throw away all this money every wk right before we have a baby and he doesnt care about my feeling towards it at all

oh and one other thing i just spoke to him on the phone he goes oh im going to try to come home an hour early today im like why he goes so i can spend time with u before i go out he is only doing it because i have gone MENTAL about him going out with this guy drinking every wk he ***** up when he gets home from these nights out too i hate it its so fake!

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by blueeyedtabbycat, May 12, 2009
Aww honey im so sorry your having to go through this! With only a few weeks to go you should be relaxing. Men can be insensitive jerks sometimes:( Hopefully he will change once he holds his little one for the first time. That tends to impact men in  ways that you could never do with words. I dont have any advise for you, I just wanted to say keep your head up, things have a way of working themselves out. Try not to kill him either, lol. You will regret it later:)

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by Lissyloo, May 12, 2009
thanks darl, i nearly did last night!
the fact is he has the nerve to complain about when we do the grocery shopping and spend too much yet he goes and waists hundreds on a stupid night out?

our fight was that bad on the wkend he through something and put a hole in the wall its just rediculously childish right now :(

thanks for ur kind words hun!

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by luckycharm09, May 13, 2009
Hang in there girl. Look at the positive - You are going to have a baby soon. All the extra cortisol from the stress is not too good for the baby. stay calm.
I know how exactly you feel. I have just started my 1st IVF cycle and my husband is already acting like a jerk. Men don't know how to handle stress. Every time you are having a fight you are pushing him away a little. They are not good at handling confrontation. Just hang in there. Try and ignore what he is doing and even if it is fake try and be nice to him when he is around. Things will settle down. He will be alright.
Good luck with the baby. Keep yourself happy.

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by Lissyloo, May 13, 2009
aw im sorry about ur hubby too luckycharm men can be such idiots sometimes!

the wierdest part is tonight... he started rubbing my belly and said our little baby boys in there soon we will get to hold him and love him and hear him cry and it was really wierd i was happy but at the same time wondering are u just doing this because ur ditching me in a hour or so to go out and drink all nite? its the first time he has willingly touched my stomach i have asked him to before and he hated it it creeped him out...

i dont no he is just confusing me i hope it all gets better for good soon

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