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A Moment

Apr 15, 2008 - 0 comments










I experienced a particularly good "gut day" this Sunday last.  So good as to allow me to go on a Harley ride with Hubby and our friends Dean and Patty.  The annual Bluebonnet Festival was underway in Chappell Hill, Texas, so we headed northwest, inhaled mass quantities of flower pollen from honeysuckle, bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, poppies, winecups, primrose, phlox, verbena.... you name it, we smelled it.  April in Texas is sent from God Himself as far as visual and olfactory delights are concerned.

Have you ever experienced A Moment from God?  It happens to me often when we're on a bike ride, but other times as well.  Suddenly I'm aware of every living thing around me, and the realization that I'm a part of it all is stunning.  Absolutely overwhelming.  I see every flower petal, every bird feather, every blade of grass and know there is a reason I am in that place at that moment and experiencing it all.  

It's an even more powerful feeling when I'm in my own garden.  All at once I see every plant, every flower, every bug, every bird, squirrel, racoon or possum and know it all exists (or not) only because I am here in this place.  For a moment, it seems I'm on the verge of knowing the secrets of all existence and time stops.  But then I breathe again, and I am just myself.  I am just once tiny, insignificant part of the universe, no bigger than a gnat, and time goes on as it always does.  These moments are a blessing and a reason to keep on living.  You never know when it will happen, but keep an eye out and your heart open.  Blessings to all.


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