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Ovarian Cyst removal surgery and recovery -  what to expect

Sep 29, 2013 - 2 comments



















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This journal entry is for women who have questions and concerns about laproscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and some tips.
My cyst measured 13 cm/5inches around.  
I can honestly say, you will get through it, it is not as bad as you fear.  The fear beforehand is far worse than what you will experience. Not just that, the relieve and life without pain and health problems will outweigh any difficulty.

Before the surgery you will be required to shave all the hair from your belly button all the way down, so make sure you do it in advance at home.  If you don't want the light hair around your belly button to grow back in stubbles, use some hair remover cream.  It is not necessary to shave between the vaginal lips, so don't worry about it.  

They may give you an enema.  Don't worry at all, it was nothing, you don't feel a thing.

They put the needle in your hand/arm and you are taken to the operating room, the one I went to had a calm environment with green bedding, which has a non threatening feel to it.  You lie down, they attach the anaesthetic and before you have time to think of being scared you are out.  

You wake up in the intensive care unit, I was somewhat shivery, but quickly fell asleep.  You will be attached to a drip and have a catheter.  The catheter is somewhat uncomfortable, but it is not painful, infact, it will be a relieve for you, because you will not be able to rise to go to the loo.

You will not wake up in pain! Do not be afraid, they take care of pain management.  I didn't have any pain when I woke up, I just lifted my night gown to check if I really had surgery, because I wasn't having any pain.

I honestly do not know how people do an outpatient laproscopy, myself and the other ladies who had the same surgery required a hospital stay of at least 3 days.  Please consider this if you are able to afford it.

My surgery was in the morning 8 am and I could not rise or eat until the following morning around 7 am.  

The first time you get up is not nice, your abdominal area will feel like a very heavy brick, it is difficult to walk.  

I had no CO2/gas pains whatsoever, not as much as a pinch, not even during recover.  I think it could depend on how good / skilled your surgeon is.  

I also had no sore throat of any kind.

They gave me an injection for pain which is on the hip, but I didn't find it painful.

The next short walk was little easier.  If you have pain, take pain relief, do not try to stay strong.

My neck and chest muscles became stiff and the abdominal area gives you no pain while lying down.  When you lie down on your back, you feel pain free and relieved and you can sleep quite comfortable this way.  

I found getting up to be a pain, when your neck is stiff and your abdominal muscles are stiff and the surgery wound don't like being moved, it is difficult to get up, you need someone to assist you and if there is no one around you manage by grabbing onto something and slowly maneuvering yourself up.  

Walking for the first couple of days are unpleasant for sure, you will moan, groan, huff and puff, but you'll get there.
The key to recovering faster is to grin and bare it, move, move and move.  Drink lots of water so that you will be forced to get up to use the loo.  

First time making a pee, not fun, it's uncomfortable, can be somewhat painful, but it was only the first couple times, then it was better.  What helped me was to pinch and let go, pinch and let go so that it comes slowly.
You can lean back on the toilet to support yourself.

You will find your abdominal area and muscles get stiff within an hour or two of lying down, keep little bits, often.

By the 4th day (day of surgery counted as day 1) I was ok to go home, I could get some clothing on, but found it impossible to tie my shoes, so I went down to the visitors room with my slippers on.  
On day 4 I also could also only carry very light things, so don't expect to be able to pick up your bags.

Day 5 I was able to get dressed, tie shoes, carry my bags and walk without supporting myself against a wall or something.  

You will not be able to resume normal activity in a week's time, so don't even think about returning to work that soon.

I am not on day 6 and it's the first day I start to feel normal again.  I can now do a bit of washing, cooking, some light activities.  

An important tip, eat and drink very carefully!  You do not want to swallow the wrong way, the pain is unbearable!!  Get yourself some good medication for mucus/drip in your throat.  I developed a slight drip in my throat which caused me to cough, it was the worst experience of it all.  So, arm yourself in advance.  
Stay away from mucus forming foods like cheese and high carb foods as soon as you feel you are having a mucus problem, you do not want to start coughing.

You will, unfortunately smell bad for some time after the surgery, you should not get the incision area/s wet, so get some cotton wool and surgical alcohol to clean the skin around the belly area to avoid getting wet.  You will not be able to jump in the shower or go for a bath until the stiches are taken out about a week after surgery.  

You will feel a great relief afterwards where the cyst was sitting.  

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by shortyla13, Jun 19, 2014
i hope everhthing will go well with me. i was i have a cyst on my left ovary. strange thing is 1 day before i was suposed to go to an ultrasound appt. i Began feeling slightly more than the average period cramps. anddi have been ha ind liquids pinkish discharge, a major amount. leave it to me toiss my appt. i just can not get it together. i knoww im really really scared of it being worse then it is, although i am extremely healthy  every where else. im very active and love eating healthy homecooked food, and love fruit. so im sure that will be on my side.  So i have been having pain for about thr3 days now, missed my ultrasound appt. and still feel a lot of watery substance coming from me. Does this mean it is more urgent then ever and go to the ER. Or  is it a good thing that possibly the cyst bursted? please please, someone help me with this. faith i know i should have, but i tend to be losing it a lot lately and i become severly depressed at times. thank you so much whoever takes your time out to listen to a girl in need of answers, support, and hope.  shorty

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by Hayhay33, Oct 05, 2014
I'm glad your doing very well after your surgery and hope you continue to feel better. In about a month I have to also get an ovarian cyst removed on my right ovary that is 7cm large and is complicated  due to being on a major artery. I am 15 and mostly nervousness but I understand that it could be worse, just like in your case. I would just like to say that you for this blog because it really did ease my mind about the whole procedure. Do you know what kind of medication the drip was, was it moriphine? I'm qurius because I'm extremely alergic to moriphine. Thank you so much for this blog I hope you continue to a well rested and healthy recovery. :)

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