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answers for later in pregnancy

Sep 29, 2013 - 4 comments

I know its early to talk about this but I would like to know.
     So with all my kids I never dilated but I only got to 50% effased with my son but with my other 2 I had nothing. No effacing or dilation.
My question is what really does help with it all?? And if I had sex and walking a lot during the early stages of pregnancy would that help?? I know its way too early for dilation and efficment but I would like to know ahead of time.

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by LovemyKids86, Sep 30, 2013
It really depends on your body. Nothin really can "help" Per se...with my first I never dilated and was only 20% by my due date, with Aliyah I was 70% and went into the hospital at a just depends. I used primrose oil during my last few weeks (36+weeks), inserted vaginally every night. That was supposed to help effacement, it didn't do squat!!!! I walked one day for 6 hours, had contraction back to back, went to the hospital and nothing changed! No dilation or effacement. It just depends on your body.

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Sep 30, 2013
I agree, nothing will help. I did it all with my pregnancies. Walking, sex, pineapple. Nothing did the trick. I couldn't say 100%, but I believe it may be a genetic thing. If women in your family have long, hard labours, then there's a good chance you will.

You just have to go with the flow

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by heather727, Sep 30, 2013
I never had anything with my first. They eventually induced me and it took two days before he was born. With my daughter I had peri-labor (worse than braxton hicks but not real labor yet) from 37 weeks on. She was almost two weeks late, so that was a month of contractions. I did have dialation with her starting around 38 weeks - I made it to 2cm and lost my mucas plug on my own. I tried walking, sex and pinapple (I must have eaten at least 5 in the last two weeks of my pregnancy!) Finally they scheduled me for an induction at 10 days late. The night before I went into labor and the next morning when I went for my scheduled induction, I was at 5cm. She was born three hours later.

So my theory is this, the baby will decide when it's time to come out and not a second sooner.

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by hansen20, Sep 30, 2013
Thank you ladies for commenting. Its very helpful and much appreciated

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