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Nov 14, 2007 - 3 comments












i entered this site last week. i found it at and i thought it would help me out in regard to my worries about my dad, but not so much. i posted a question in the neurology forum, but no one has responded. I know they aren't docs, but i guess a part of me just needs to read some one's reply. it is impossible to post on the ask a doctor forum but even many of those aren't answered for a week or so and i'm hoping i know more by then when he gets the lumbar pucture results....... i hope he gets them next week. they are looking for lyme disease or PLS and my worst fear is that we find out later that it is ALS.

i see a lot of people recording all kinds of thoughts on their journal (kind of what they are for, huh). if nothing else it feels a little better to have written this.

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by lallen4monaVie, Nov 14, 2007
i am sorry to hear about your dad. i don't have an answer for you but can provide a moral support, e-friend, help you find information online...
lallen4monavie at yahoo dot com

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by Sunny602, Nov 15, 2007
I too hope that you finally get some answers...I know it is really tough to post in the doctor's forum, they only take two questions a day. Once you do get a post in, it does take some time. I think that particular forum is really backed up for now. If the LP shows lymes, then at least he can finally get the right treatment..If nothing shows up, then it is back to the drawing board. I know how frustrating it is to go through test after test, all the while feeling like a green bug under a microscope, only to find that they aren't diagnostic. I will keep all of you in my thoughts, Sunny

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by alynnwillis, Nov 16, 2007
thank you, lallen and sunny, your thoughts are appreciated. my dad is such a tough guy, he would never tell me or probably even believe that he could have ALS, and he probably doesn't. the thing is, i have been so blessed and i'm so, so grateful for that, i just can't help but wonder when the sky is going to start crashing down on me. I have all four grandparents, i've yet to lose a close family member, i wonder if God is giving me the chance to grow emotionally as most of my life i've been an emotional wreck when it comes to even the simplest things. i shouldn't be that way.........and i'm trying to be positive and tell myself, it IS lyme disease, he's going to go in there next week and that is what they are going to tell him and he is going to be fine. thanks again for your thoughts.

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