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As promised in my last journal entry, I said I wanted to tell you about my son-in-law Phil. Phil lived 3 houses down from us, and had a very tough upbringing. His parents were divorced and alocholics. When his dad did live at home Phil and his brother got the brunt of his mom and dads fighting. Like many kids in that postion when he got into his teens he got into some small trouble with the law.
When my oldest daughter turned 16 her and Phil started dating, she was afaird to tell her mom and me, she knew her mom would explode. Well her mom and me ended up divorcing after i got sick. So Autymn told me about her and Phil, and I liked Phil, all teens have there problems. Well Autymn ended up getting pregant right before starting her senior year
I was very sick by then with my kidney failure, and Phil was living with us. This kid would get up at 4:30am three times a week to take me to dialysis. I was just too sick to drive. Well after my grandson was born Phil joined the National Garude. Well the next August he got called to go to Iraq, were he would spend the next 16 months fighting for his country.
Phil was a gunner and medic in a humvee unit, they would sweep into towns and house looking for bad guys. Here is a 21 year old kid seeing things no man or woman of any age should see, plus he was in 4 different road side explosions. The last one that hit there humvee killed 2 of his buddies, Phil said they were almost blown in half and there was nothing he could do to save them. He did save 2 other of the men in the vehicle, while being wounded himself. For his actions Phil received the Purple Heart and Silver Star, but he paid a high price for all of this.
When he got home he ahs been diagosed with TBI (tramitic brain injury) and Ptsd. Being in 4 different explosions they basically told him his brain was rattled around so much that it was injured. Her is a 24 year old man who's life has been changed dramictally, he is on 100% disability,from the Army, has been told to just collect your benifits and get on with life. No this man is a fighter, he starts college here in a couple of weeks, he wants to make something of himself. As far as I am concerned he already has, doing what he did in Iraq,this young man is a true American hero like all others who are serving their country in the war zones
I am so proud to call this young man my SON...I dont call him son-in-law, he is like a song too me, and this country can use a whole more like him, he is agreat father to my grandchildren and a great husband to my daughter, he does have some problems from what hjas happened, but hell he is a fighter and he will beat the problems
. I know this is arather long entry but i felt the need to tell his story, he is such a big part of my family, we all love him and we are honered to have him in the family..thanks for letting me have the privelage of tell in you all about Phil...brian

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by VicUser, May 15, 2009
Jollyman - My hat is off to your son in law and all the other brave mene and women that proudly serve our country. Phil has more than done his part and I too am proud of him. What a good man to step up to the plate do what is right, serve his country and then when most people would kick back and just take the money he is pressing foward. What a lucky man you are to have him in your family.

What is he planning to study in college? Please keep us abreast of how he does. He is a true hero!!!!

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by mojorisin64, May 15, 2009
he is a hero,i am proud of him...

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by Cherie762, May 15, 2009
Brian wow what a nice story ,Phil and you are lucky to have each other, Its good for him to go to school Brian he needs to challenge and use his brain. I have heard lots of stories like the one you told , so sad, about the friends being killed practially in his lap,,,my good friends kid went through the same thing..I think tons of our troops have ptsd the most from any war to date its everywhere ..hey you should print this and show it to Phil after you get alot of responses would be a nice idea,,everyone love to know how much they mean to you and hey Brian what a great kid,,he stuck by your daughter done her right,,is a good dad and as very young helped you when you needed it most wow,,isnt God great see how things happen for resons we dont always get at the time,,Love, C

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by jollyman069, May 15, 2009
Vic he is studying Restaurant and hotel mangement

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by margypops, May 15, 2009
Wow jollyman what a great story and what a true Hero your son in law is,I participate ,have done for many years in the welfare of vets and my formost charity is the Disabled vets of America . the fact he is a fighter is what is making his life work, you are indeed fortunate to have him in your Life /Family .give him a huge Hug from us..

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by dominosarah, May 15, 2009
What an honorable man.......your family is truely blessed jollyman.  Thank you for sharing your incredible family.  sara

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by have 2 kids, May 15, 2009
A true hero- thanks for sharing!  

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by GNicole, May 15, 2009
Wow-what an incredible man! He really is a hero!! I am so thankful that there are men and women just like him that are willing to risk their lives everyday to protect us! Thank you!

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by nick30, May 15, 2009
thanks for taking the time to tell us about him

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by Piparskeggr, Jul 04, 2009

Even if your story about Phil was 10 times longer, it would be well worth reading.

Thank you for telling it to me and so many others.

Phil epitomizes the military motto summarized by the 4 little letters FIDO; he'll know what I mean ,-)

A big salute to him, you, your daughter and grandchild.

Steven R., former SSgt, USAF Reserve.

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by catmagnet, Jul 04, 2009
That's very inspiring and so TRUE! Phil is what America should be EVERYWHERE. You are also a hero for overlooking petty things in a young man's life--after all, does anyone know anybody who is perfect?There should also be many, many others like YOU who see what's on the inside of a person's heart.

Praying for your health and

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by sandee1818, Jul 08, 2009
Thanks for that story Brian:)
I am always looking for the kind of story where the guy/girl does not quit but forges ahead full force!

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