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Nov 14, 2007 - 0 comments

GERD / Acid Reflux


Esophageal Reflux




Hiatal hernia







I have to say, when I read in Dr. Simeon's protocol that we were not to take medications, I was extremely worried.  With my hiatal hernia and gerd, I have never been able to go even 36 hours without medication.  Even after 5 years of Prevacid and 6 months of Aciphex, I found skipping a dose resulted in very severe consequences costing me an entire night's sleep and causing excruciating pain.

I received my first hcg injection on Thursday 11/8/07.  I stopped taking my Aciphex that very day, and kept the bottle with me just in case.  Friday night my stomach hurt so bad I could barely breathe.  So I took an Aciphex, and continued to carry the bottle with me.

Saturday I did not need an Aciphex, but Sunday I did.  Well, Sunday was the last time I took one, and it's been 3 days with no stomach pain!  This is a miracle!

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