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Anyone else been through this or if u have any word's of encouragement!!!

Apr 16, 2008 - 5 comments

Sooo after a lot of pushes that were needed I decided to get my cosmetology license after graduating in December of 2006 Yaaa I know a really long break maybe 2 long but I know I can do it with a lot of perseverance and studying well here's the question I went to school in Idaho they require more hour's then Wa so I was thinking I could just take my WA board but on the other hand if I get my Idaho License this may be better if we move somewhere else in the future it will be more difficult because I have to drive to Boise but possibly more beneficial I just am not sure what to do I just called my Instructor today and she said she will get back to me in a few day's I guess I’m just not going to give up even if I have to take it a billion times I will learn something each time and I need to stop cutting my own legs off before I even try if anyone has any words of support or any life experiences I would love to here them if not WELL I"M NOT A QUITER ANY MORE I GRADUATED AND I NEED 2 FINISH my grandma gave me this money 4 a reason I need 2 make her proud and not give up break this running cycle in away U KNOW thanks everyone

This picture is from my graduation I was sooo sad 2 leave but sooo happy to be finishing!!!

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401786 tn?1309152034
by Jacqui805, Apr 16, 2008
Well, I have not been through this, BUT, I stayed home to raise my daughters and only went to nursing school after they had both started kindergarten.  It's never too late to follow a dream, and you can't be wishing you had done it later on and still be happy.  I say go for it, fight, fight, fight...

172826 tn?1423422956
by CYW, Apr 16, 2008
well i am going back to school in september.. it is only a 4 month placement but its still scary if it is your dream you need to follow it because those children deserve a working mom:) There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom but its always nice to know that if ever anything happened that you can manage on your own:)

455859 tn?1233363788
by FreeSpirit4Life, Apr 16, 2008
Thanks Ladies I really appreciate u responding very good point's She does deserve a working mom who loves what she does at that I need to set an example so she can see it's never to late it's just hard I feel like a little bit of a frailer I just have 2 take the test that's it and study along with some hand's on practice it would be so stupid to give up when u can see the finish line u know what I mean I just need to get my confidence back and stop beating myself up about it u know I am comfortable and I need to not be so comfortable and just go for it!!!

473760 tn?1215219977
by Jen813, Apr 17, 2008
I know how you feel.  I am starting school in the fall again after being out of it for almost 9 years now.  I am taking classes online so I am really worried that I won't be able to push myself hard enough or stay focused enough to make it through, but I have decided to give it my best shot.  I know that if I don't do it now, when I want to do it, than I never will, so it's time to go for it.  I say good for you and congrats and just keep up the faith.  You will be amazing ;)  Your spirit shows it.

Congrats and Good Luck!!!

447130 tn?1225470866
by triedeverymed, May 01, 2008
Way to go, you are very inspirational!!!

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