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Pain Journal update

May 16, 2009 - 0 comments

I have not added a journal regarding pain, because it just remains the same.  My Dr. has told me that I could have this Fibro. Flare up to a year from the time I broke my foot last October, and that depends on any other injuries or stress or over doing anything that adds to the pain.

I know I am just tired talking about the same pain, as I am sure all of you are tired of hearing it.  There are so many of you that are sicker than I am.  I don't want pity or sympathy,  That just makes me angry.  Support is fine.  

I am just having a hard time with some new symptoms that are really taking a toll on me.  I don't want to eat much, I can't sleep at night and if I do it is only for a couple of hours. I don't just sit all day, I get up and try to do some things in the house. I have noticed my motor skills are getting worse, my handwriting is getting sloppy, my walking well I have more episodes of being very unstable on my feet. I may have to use my power scooter more often. I am relieved to have it here. My memory is in the Fog and I can't find it!  My Profile page is messed up.. And yes I am depressed and I just found out this week the man I was seeing that I thought was a physiologist well HE IS ONLY A SOCIAL WORKER!!!! I was really mad when I found that out.

I will get over this all this with time, at least learn to deal with it over timel

I need to lay down. Until next time


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