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What the hell is going on??

Apr 16, 2008 - 3 comments

I can not believe I have not ovulated yet according to my Clearblue Easy Monitor.  Is it possible that I will not ovulate at  all this month?  I wonder if it has to do with my last cycle.  I had a natural IUI in CD 14 just in case my monitor was wrong.  I guess I am waiting for AF to arrive so I can start cycle #3. I wonder if this not ovulating ordeal will postpone AF too?

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by SDScientist, Apr 16, 2008
First Dr told me that it is common not to ovulate after an unsuccessful IVF cycle.  Sorry, not what you wanted to hear.  I know.  Or you may very delayed ovulation.  When I had that 50 day cycle I didn't ovulate until around Day 35.

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by SDteacher, Apr 16, 2008
Holy ****!  That would really suck.

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by SDScientist, Apr 18, 2008
Had Mojitos at Blue Coral last night...yummmmmy

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