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Oct 06, 2013 - 0 comments



first post







Honestly, I just stumbled upon this site and am very glad I did. I suffer from depression and anxiety so it's nice that this site let's you keep track of your moods and everything. Often times when I'm having an attack or just feeling down it's difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on and what the trigger might be. I used to be very good at understanding my moods and following coping mechanisms but I kind of fell off of that somewhere. Here's hoping to get back to it.

Scratch that. Not hoping. Will definitely.

Anyways as this is my first journal entry I'm not going to get into a lot of detail. There will be many things that spill out over time and other events to express. Let me just list out the basics.

Diagnosed: Depression and Generalized Anxiety
Treatment: None at the moment :(
Last time on meds: A year ago (should probably get back on)
Last time in therapy: Way over a year ago (should also probably go back to)
Interests: The mind, psychology, health, fitness, expressive therapy
Goals: Simply to be healthy and happy

That should do it for now. Till next time, kids.

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