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Nov 14, 2007 - 2 comments

i am mainly on here tonight because my husband is out of town and i was web surfing...ran into this site!
i have a genetic lung disease and chronic inflammatory disease. i cannot have children, but i do have a step daughter that i adore. my husband is a robotics engineer and is successful with his own business.
i am a part time nurses aide, college student, and i drink and promote Mona Vie. It is a health beverage that has given me amazing results...i recommend it to anyone that wants to feel better, have more energy, and support their cellular health. there is a magnificent amount of information out there on the product, especially the acai berry that is in it. is a good site to read and listen to doctors on audio. i look forward to meeting many new people on here and hope that we can share ideas, daily life stories, laughs, smiles, and occasionally tears. God bless and have a good night!!

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by Greatgreebo, Nov 17, 2007
Hey, Greatgreebo here.

I got your comments on my journal entry on 11/14 today. I've been without internet for three days. I'm sorry you are in pain. I am only suffering from chronic joint pain (mostly knees) because bad joints run in the family. I had knee surgery a few months ago and had bone shaved, cartlige removed and ligiments cut...what did I get out of it? More pain and an addiction to pain killers!!! Thank you for your understanding words. I'm glad you have your stepdaughter. Just because you can't physically have kids doesn't mean you can't be a giant amongst midgets in the life of a child. My stepdad is the greatest man on the planet and I love him with all my heart. It doesn't matter that he isn't 1/2 of my genetic make-up-what matters is that he has always been there for me. Don't be hard on yourself for not being able to get pregnant. LOVE your child  and enjoy every minute of it.(and she is your child, step or biological doesn't matter to a kid). Hang in there sister and keep writing.
I look forward to hearing from you and hope you are doing well.

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by lallen4monaVie, Nov 19, 2007
just got back home from was a "field trip" we went to a juvenile facility and learned about the system. it was interesting but i was totally not in the mood to be there!! i have a meeting on the 21st for the health drink that i sell and then i have to work on Thanksgiving Day (i work in a retirement home) so far the holidays are not much of a holiday! i am busy. i am feeling really good this year my pain is so much more manageable that i feel like doing things again and am loving being busy.
well...i must go for now...just wanted to stop in and say hey and wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday. enjoy your turkey!!!

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