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14 yr old may have to have surgery! Not lookin' forward to it...

Apr 17, 2008 - 2 comments

My 14 yr old has an appointment with a Urologist in the morning. Three months ago while seeking medical treatment on a broken bone in knee, the Orthopedic surgeion found pain in his thigh. While following the pain he found it traveled up inot his abdomen and to his scrotum. I took him back to the PCP that same day. She examined him and didn't physically find anything wrong with the testicles, but based on my son's knee jerking reactions she sent him for a sonogram. During the sonogram they found a mass that appears to be a cyst per the sonographer. Two days ago my son came to me because now he can fell a lump in the left testicle, which is where the pain is coming from. I guess I'm just fearful that they will have to do surgery and although I am looking for a solution for him, I am not looking forward to my "baby" going under the knife.

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by kennedydp5, Apr 17, 2008
oh, lois i'm so sorry!!!  i admit i know absolutely nothing about things like this...  but i wanted to wish you and him the best!

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by loismwallace, Apr 18, 2008
Appt went rather smoothly today. Turns out my son WON"T have to have surgery after all. It turns out the lump on his testes is from a football injury. He will have to live with the lump for the rest of his life. It will never go away. It is infact a cyst. The Urologist said that surgery could cause further damage. He suggested Ibuprophen for enflamation. So there we have it. As long as it doesn't swell up to where he gets stopped in the grocery store for smuggling cantelopes, we don't have to follow up with the Urologist. Yeah!!!!!!!

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