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CA125 up again

May 18, 2009 - 7 comments

Why is it always not a good sign, when your oncologist gets serious.

I saw my oncologist for my pre chemo meeting, my CA125 report is back and it was up again for the 3rd month in a row. March 10.9, April 14.8, May 17.3. he made a point of saying that some women's CA is in the thousands, but It's always been a good indicator of my disease progression, so my oncologist is concerned that Topotecan is no longer working.
My blood values were ok, so we did Topo. today since we won't be sure until i have the CT scans done next week.

Next week is also my week of from chemo, and I'll meet with him to get the results and see where we go from here June 2nd.

He's planning on having Gemzar and Avastin being my next chemo drugs, and it upsets me so much because I realize that going from one drug to another, with no remission  is not a good sign.

He gave me a choice to think about, either take a break from chemo, see him every week to monitor me,  and watch the CA level and when it hits 25, start chemo. This would give my body and bone marrow a chance to heal a bit.
Or, start chemo immediately with the new drugs, if I would be walking around wondering what's growing in me, or spreading?

I'll pick up the CT scan report before I see him in June, and my husband and I will have discussed our decision. He also said he'll make the final decision for what's best for my treatment plan, but that he knows I've always been involved.

It's scary for us, I don't want to cry although I know it's in there. I'm dealing with this with strength, a strong will, and anger at this "terrorist" as Farah referred to her cancer, and all terrorists must be killed!!!


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by shewrites, May 18, 2009
Oh, Jane, I understand why you're distressed.  Please hang in there until you have all the facts.  Try to gather yourself in case you have another battle in front of you.  Then I know you'll fight as best you can.  

Memorial Day is coming up.  There is a good parade we usually go to, and there are a couple of nice art fairs, so I'm looking forward to a nice weekend.  I hope you can have a good weekend -- and week off -- too.  I'm sure you and your husband and the doctor will make a good decision when the time comes.  


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by jane65, May 19, 2009
Thank you for your concern and good wishes, I really think my hubby and I are leaning toward taking a break, and having my oncologist monitor my health and CA level until he feels it's time to start the new chemo treatments.

I know the next drug cycle will be more difficult than Topo. has been, and I need to think about other things for a few weeks and maybe get away for a couple of days. Now life is just one doctor visit after another, as you well know.

I hope you're feeling well, and wish you a fun weekend.

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by bohan54, May 19, 2009
Dear Jane,

If you are leaning towards taking a break, I am voting for one for you too.  My advice is to give the rest of your body a much needed rest.  
Onc visit coming up on Thurs, looking forward to it and yet very apprehensive.  Belly is very big, also have a nagging cough just like I did a year ago.  
Getting away will do wonders for your spirit.  Hoping you get the opportunity.

All the best,

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by butterflytc, May 19, 2009
    Enjoy the rest, and come back fighting when you need too. I did the same thing early on, as I was resistent to the chemo. 4 yrs later, I am still on a break LOL I know that is not true for so many woman, and that saddens me greatly. I guess I was very lucky, in some ways. My onco. says "when the cancer returns, I will have the best chance of a full out attack, as my body has gotten a great reprieve". I personally hope it never comes back! but if it does, I will be ready for the little "terrorists".
God Bless
butterfly tc

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by gah_70, May 20, 2009
I, too, vote for the break if that's what you have decided to do.  Two years ago, I seemed to be the guinea pig for my Oncologist at the time, and if he had it in his bag of tricks, he tried it on me.  After awhile, I needed a break, but he wouldn't listen.  I ended up having lung problems because of all the chemo doing things it wasn't supposed to be doing.  I decided to take a break last May, and I am still on it.  Granted, we found a pill that seems to be working on my kind of cancer.  Just curious, has your pathology been tested for estrogen/progesterone receptors?  That can sometimes make a difference, though not always.  I agree with the others....take a long weekend and go do something you both enjoy and try to keep your mind off it for a while.  Deep down, you probably already know your decision, so it will do you no good to continue letting it roll around in your head.  Have fun and enjoy spending the weekend together.

Love and Prayers,

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by marie3B, May 21, 2009
My treatments were delayed due to blood counts the last 2 times I have gone for treatment.  I feel so much more like myself after resting my body a bit.  The break was much needed for me.  The chemo was getting me so toxic I was feeling depressed.  Marie

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by crecco, May 21, 2009
  I think I would opt for a break also. Esp since your Dr is going to moniter you weekly. Though your CA is rising, it is still in the normal range and is it such small rises that it might not even be caused by the cancer.
  My CA has always been a good indicator of my disease progression also but when mine raises, it raises by the hundreds. I have also never had it drop down to double digits.
  So take a break and see what happens and enjoy the time that you get off.

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